In February 2009, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the National Library of China (NLC) in Beijing signed a cooperation agreement by which NLC received a status of IFLA Chinese Language Centre. It can now be seen as a permanent representative of IFLA/HQ for the Chinese speaking community, as well as the other way around: it is hoped that IFLA/HQ will get improved access to Chinese speaking library and information professionals.


The IFLA Chinese Language Centre will promote IFLA, support IFLA's Asia and Oceania Section as well as other relevant IFLA professional bodies and liaise with IFLA/HQ. Among the priorities of the Centre are:


1. Active membership recruitment. This will be conducted with the help of national or other association members and/or national libraries. Institutions and associations (including specialist and state associations) within the Chinese language community will be actively encouraged to join IFLA.


2. (Co-) organizing regional IFLA events. These will be co-organized with IFLA/HQ, and/or with IFLA professional units (Sections and Core Activities). This activity includes seeking sources for funding of IFLA projects.


3. Seek involvement in local or regional professional events to gain support within the Chinese language community, trying to get IFLA "branding" of local or regional events.


4. Contribute to more effective communication within the Chinese language community and with the IFLA bodies involved. These activities include the publication of newsletters, translations of key IFLA documents and publications and the production of a Chinese translation of IFLA Express during IFLA's annual congresses.


5. Representing IFLA in the Chinese language community, in a pursuit to make IFLA more visible in that community, promoting IFLA goals, principles and core values.


6. Translation of key IFLA documents, guidelines, press-releases, papers prepared for the Assembly Meetings etc.



For further information about the Centre and its activities please contact:
Mr. Zhang Xu, Mr. Hao Jinmin

 Email Fax:0086-10-68419271