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Publications Exchange Program/Business Exchange

Overview of Publication Exchange
Publication exchange business of National Library of China belongs to the Foreign Acquisition and Cataloguing Department. It is an important window for international cultural exchanges. On behalf of the state to implement cultural agreements, it is also an important component of the acquisition work, serving as an effective way to enrich collection. Through the publication exchange window, it is not only possible for different countries and regions around the world to know Chinese civilization, as well as China's socialist modernization drive's tremendous achievements, but also possible for us to get access to foreign publications beneficial to China's political, economic, cultural and social construction. Up to the end of 2008, the National Library established exchange relationships with more than 500 national libraries, university libraries, public libraries in 117 countries and regions around the world.
Publication exchange is closely related to the party and the country's central task. It has always received great attention from the party and the state. "Beijing library foreign language books information interview trial work regulations" stipulated in May 1977 clearly states the mission of exchange work is "through international exchange, exchange for foreign information needed in China’s modernization drive". The focus is on "the implementation of the relevant provisions of cultural agreements signed by China's government and other governments so as to promote Sino-foreign cultural exchanges." In the new situation of in-depth development of the exchange of publications, "National Library Literature Selection Ordinance" revised in 1998 emphasized once again that the exchange of literature is an important way of collection work, at the same time clarified that the exchange should be in the spirit of "exchange what I have for what I need” and “equality and mutual benefit ", focusing on the exchange for foreign publications with great value, in particular those hard to access through the trade channels..
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