Solicitation for Non—Publication Literature

The National Library of China serves as the national repository, national bibliographic center and literature information delivery center. It is responsible for collecting literature resources in various types of carriers in a comprehensive way, and building a base for the preservation and delivery of the nation’s literature resources.


In the nearly 100 years of development of the National Library of China, it has received extensive support and assistance from the society. The generous donation from the public in general is one of the most important ways for the Library to enrich its collections of literature. In recent years, the value of “non—publication literature (internal materials)” has been increasingly valued and recognized by the society. However, due to the diverse forms, small scope of distribution, limited dissemination and hardness to preserve, it is extremely difficult to collect, preserve and utilize such literature. In order to ensure the proper preservation and utilization of some academic and informative materials among them, the National Library of China intends to widely collect “non—publication literature (internal materials)” from the society. Prioritized materials for solicitation are as follows:


1. Documents from academic conference (including conference proceedings and other documents related to the conference);


2. Research reports (including various types of scientific research reports, social investigation reports and statistics from field survey);


3. Oral history, intangible cultural heritage and other related non-publication literature


4. Collection of Folk Poetry (not officially published)


5. Other non-publication literature with preservation and research value


Donated literature that meets the collection standards of the Library but has not been collected by it will be regarded as official collections and preserved permanently. The donors will be given a “Letter of Appreciation” as proof that the literature donated by them is preserved in the National Library of China.


Thank you for your attention and support.


Delivery Address: No. 33, Zhongguancun Nandajie, Haidian District, Beijing

Recipient: Chinese Books Acquisitions Section of the National Library of China

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Reference Unit: Chinese Books Acquisitions Section of the National Library of China

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December 6, 2019