The National Library of China (NLC) serves as the repository of the nation's publications, a national bibliographic center, a national center for preservation and conservation of ancient books, as well as the national museum of ancient books. The major responsibility of the NLC includes: the collection and preservation of domestic and foreign publications; national coordination of document preservation and conservation work; provision of information and reference services to the central government, national authorities, social organizations, and the general public; research in the theory of library sciences and development of librarianship, and guidance to other libraries in China; the fulfillment of its function in international cultural exchanges through participation in the activities of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and other related international organizations, as well as the promotion of exchanges and cooperation with other libraries in China and abroad. 


Remarks from Readers  

The NLC is an academic shrine I frequently make a pilgrimage to. It makes me feel like being enlightened and nourished by the "Buddhist scripture" found here. 

The NLC has accumulated countless people's experience and life. It is ancient but vigorous. Only it could integrate the oldest cultures with the newest fashioned ideas so perfectly. 

The entrance to the NLC is like an access to a palace. It is not so high, but its ancient style and classic beauty reveals the dignity and elegance of culture. The aged bookshelves in numerous varieties contain a deep academic heritage. 

In the NLC, there are young students absorbed in books, grey-haired scientists and wise scholars concentrated in thinking. All these touch me, inspire me and make me feel like déjà vu. I am increasingly yearning for it. 

Once I go into the NLC, I feel like going back to my bygone youth and school days, back to an ordinary student wandering in the hall of knowledge. It injects joyous warmth of knowledge to everyone's heart, arousing a desire for reading from everyone. 

We are so lucky to have much more valuable books than our predecessors. Despite my oldness and weakness, I frequently come to the NLC for enjoying the special benefits it provides to us. 

Someday, I walked like a pilgrim in the temple of knowledge, so reluctant to leave. Thinking about my future, I really admire those librarians working in the NLC. For the first time I obtained a comprehensive understanding about profession as well a sense of pride. 

Looking ahead, the NLC stands like a tree over there. It welcomes us with its smile and generously provides us with everything it has. Maybe nobody has realized that it is in this library where inspiring ideas are conceived and hopes of new China are created.

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