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国际劳工组织知识中心(ILO Knowledge Centre)新出版物

Labour law 劳动法

Rules of the game : a brief introduction to ​international​ labour standards / ​International​ Labour Office. Rev. ed. 2014. Geneva : ILO, 2014. (Call no. 344.01 In61r 2014) - Download here

Social protection  社会保护

Design study of the single referral system for the extension of social protection in Indonesia : background and ​justification​, design of the single referral system (SRS), and roadmap for its ​implementatio​n / Valerie Schmitt, Ratnawati Muyanto, and Thibault van Langenhove; ​International​ Labour Office. Jakarta : ILO, 2014. (Call no. IDN 368.4 Sc355d) - Download here


Working conditions 工作环境

Maternity protection in SMEs : an ​international​ review / Suzan Lewis, Bianca Stumbitz, Lilian Miles and Julia Rouse, with ​contributions​ from Laura Addati, Marian Baird, Wendy Banfield, Michael Brookes, Sara Calvo, Richard Croucher, Hafiz Khan, Ian Roper, Ian Vickers ; ​International​ Labour Office. Geneva : ILO, 2014. (Call no. 331.44 Ma425) - Download here

Children and young people 儿童和青少年

Report of national child labour survey : 2011-2012 / ​International​ Labour Organization and National Statistical Office of Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar : National Statistical Office, 2013. (Call no. MNG 331.34 In61r 2011-2012)

World youth report 2013 : youth employment : youth perspectives on the pursuit of decent work in changing times / Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations. New York : United Nations,  2013. (Call no. 301.431 Un5813w 2013)

​Environmental​ protection 环境保护

Tackling informality in e-waste management : the potential of cooperative enterprises /  ​International​ Labour Office, Cooperative Branch. Geneva : ILO, 2014. (Call no. 363.7 In61t) - Download here




FAO 联合国粮食与农业组织最新出版物



Climate Smart Agriculture Sourcebook   

The purpose of the sourcebook is to further elaborate the concept of CSA and demonstrate its potential, as well as limitations. It aims to help decision makers at a number of levels (including political ​administrator​s and natural resource managers) to understand the different options that are available for planning, policies and investments and the practices that are suitable for making different agricultural sectors, landscapes and food systems more climate-smart. This sourcebook is a reference tool for planners, ​practitioners​ and policy makers working in agriculture, forestry and fisheries at national and subnational levels.  

下载链接: http://www.fao.org/3/a-i3325e.pdf



Risk-based disease surveillance

Managing disease threats poses enormous challenges and requires good quality information: what diseases exist; where they are found; what impact they are having; which populations are at risk; how we can prevent, control or eradicate these diseases. Animal disease surveillance plays a central role in providing this information. Risk-based surveillance is not a particular technique; rather, it describes a general approach to undertaking disease ​surveillance.​ The principle is simple and self-evident: the most efficient way to find disease is to survey the animal populations that are most likely to be affected. This is in contrast to the more traditional ​statistically​-based approach of taking ​representativ​e samples from a population.  

下载链接: http://www.fao.org/3/a-i4205e.pdf





National Aquaculture Development Strategy and Action Plan of Bangladesh 2013-2020

This Strategy and Action Plan was formulated at a stakeholders' consultation workshop held in 2012, then reviewed extensively for technical content and issues by experts of FAO, and finally reviewed for the strategic and policy issues by the National Working Committee for the Sustainable Development of Aquaculture Industry during its first meeting on 4 September 2013. The Committee endorsed the Strategy and Action Plan at the same meeting. The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Government of Bangladesh approved the document in November 2013. 





Coping with Climate Change

The Role of Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture  

Genetic resources for food and agriculture play a crucial role in food security, nutrition and livelihoods and in the provision of ​environmental​ services. They are key components of ​sustainabilit​y, resilience and adaptability in production systems. They underpin the ability of crops, livestock, aquatic organisms and forest trees to withstand a range of harsh conditions. Climate change poses new challenges to the management of the world's genetic resources for food and agriculture, but it also underlines their importance. FAO prepared thematic studies on the interactions between climate change and plant, animal, forest, aquatic, invertebrate and micro-organism genetic resources. This publication summarizes the results of these studies





ADB's Open Access Repository Now Available


ADB has made all its economic and development research on Asia and the Pacific available under open access, a principle that promotes unrestricted online access to scholarly research so that it can be more widely distributed and used.


ADB's open access initiative, launched today, combines the creation and launch of a new open access website with the adoption of more liberal terms of use for ADB copyrighted knowledge products. Open access removes the need for any form of payment or permission to gain access, read, download, use, or distribute an ADB publication.

The open access website was launched with more than 2000 publications from ADB's current publications and archive.

It will eventually include the complete back catalog of ADB research - well over 5000 publications - dating back to 1966, the year the bank was established

The new website conforms to standards already used by more than 3000 open access repositories world-wide.





欲访问亚行开放存取知识库,请登陆 https://openaccess.adb.org




Announcing the new edition of "The State of Food Insecurity in the World (SOFI) 2014




The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014 presents updated estimates of undernourishment and progress towards the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) and World Food Summit (WFS) hunger targets.


A stock-taking of where we stand on reducing hunger and malnutrition shows that progress in hunger reduction at the global level and in many countries has continued but that substantial additional effort is needed in others.


The 2014 report also presents further insights into the suite of food security indicators introduced in 2013 and analyses in greater depth the dimensions of food security – availability, access, stability and utilization. By measuring food security across these dimensions, the suite of indicators can provide a detailed picture of the food security and nutrition challenges in a country, thus assisting in the design of targeted food security and nutrition interventions. Sustained political commitment at the highest level is a prerequisite for hunger eradication. It entails placing food security and nutrition at the top of the political agenda and creating an enabling environment for improving food security and nutrition.


This year’s report examines the diverse experiences of seven countries, with a specific focus on the enabling environment for food security and nutrition that reflects commitment and capacities across four dimensions: policies, programmes and legal frameworks; mobilization of human and financial resources; coordination mechanisms and partnerships; and evidence-based decision-making.












联合国粮农组织发布 经合组织-粮农组织2014-2023年农业展望





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