The "Revitalizing Ancient Books through Digital Empowerment of the NLC" project is selected as one of the top ten demonstration cases of digital innovation in culture and tourism in 2023

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the "2023 Demonstration Cases of Digital Innovation in Culture and Tourism", which demonstrate and promote the latest achievements in digital innovation in the field of culture and tourism. The "Revitalizing Ancient Books through Digital Empowerment of the National Library of China" project declared by the NLC was selected as one of the top ten demonstration cases of digital innovation in culture and tourism, described as "Improving the Digital Level of Public Cultural Services (Strengthening the Construction of Public Digital Cultural Resources)".

The project includes three parts. First, the high-definition image database of Yongle Encyclopedia is released, which includes the 40 copies / 75 volumes of the collection of Yongle Encyclopedia in the NLC. With the help of technological means, the public can learn the compilation style, evolving, storage, and other related knowledge of the collection. This will combine academic research services with the popularization of ancient book knowledge to the public. Second, through exploring new modes of displaying digital content, a series of new ancient book reading products are created, such as "5G panoramic VR of Yongle Encyclopedia" and "VR products of 100 classic works of Chinese traditional culture", providing reference for more model innovation, technological innovation, and service innovation of ancient books. Third, the VR exhibition of "Journey through Ancient Books" is held, featuring four special subjects, i.e. oracle bones of the Yin Ruins, bamboo slips in Juyan of the Han Dynasty, Dunhuang documents, and Ming and Qing archives, providing readers with online exhibition services. The "Revitalizing Ancient Books through Digital Empowerment of the National Library of China" project has brought ancient books into people's lives through digital products, audio and video, and other media, fully demonstrating the work and achievements of the NLC in exploring the value of ancient books of the times, as well as promoting effective utilization, digitization, popularization and dissemination of ancient books.

The demonstration cases announced this time cover five key areas of digital innovation in culture and tourism. First, innovate approaches of cultural expression, use digital means to innovate forms of artistic expression, and apply digital tools to artistic creation and production. Second, increase the digital level of public cultural services, strengthen the construction of public digital cultural resources, and optimize the network of public digital cultural services for the grassroots. Third, promote the digital transformation and upgrading of cultural institutions, and incorporate the collection, processing, mining, and services of cultural resources into regular work. Fourth, create new scenarios for digital cultural consumption, fully utilize cultural facilities and tourism service venues to build digital cultural experience scenarios, expand channels for digital distribution of cultural content, and strengthen the application of smart tourism scenarios. And fifth, build a cultural digital governance system and improve the efficiency of cultural digital administrative services. The demonstration cases focus on the common issues with digital culture and tourism, and apply new digital technologies such as AI and VR to achieve practical results in leading and supporting the development of the culture and tourism industry.

At the symposium on cultural inheritance and development, General Secretary Xi Jinping explained the great significance of the "two combinations", pointing out the direction and path for us to do a good job in providing smart services with ancient books in the new era. Standing at a new historical starting point, the NLC will strive to learn and understand the spiritual connotation and core essence of Xi Jinping's cultural propositions, follow the spirit of his reply to the senior experts of the NLC, consolidate cultural confidence, maintain openness and inclusiveness, hold on to integrity and innovation, continue to deepen the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional Chinese culture, fully leverage the outstanding advantages of digital technology, and activate the dissemination and vitality of ancient books in the new era, so as to make precious cultural heritage shine with new brilliance.

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