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Shen Bao
Shen Bao is a highly influential Chinese daily newspaper from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. The database retains the digital full text of all information in the newspaper, including the main body and advertisements, text and charts, with a total of over 420000 pages and over 2 billion characters, including Shanghai version, Hankou version and Hongkong version. The beginning and the end are coherent and intact. It adopts a point-to-point panoramic page, with the comparison reading model of left-text and right-image for easy reference. Classified search, item search, Full-text search and advanced search are available, and functions such as zooming in, full screen, graying out, bookmarking, annotation, downloading, printing and so on are provided.
The IP address of the database server is changed to Please change the IP address when using the client.
China Revolution Literature Database
Developed by the National Library of China Publishing House, this database collects more than 6,300 titles of China revolution books, more than 100 titles of China revolution periodicals and more than 70 titles of China revolution newspapers. Users can browse contents by category, and can also do cross-database search. The total number of documents exceeds 1 million pages and the total capacity is 200GB. The database is an important reference for the study of the development process of the Communist Party of China in modern times.

Newspapers Reading Online
It collects the electronic edition of major newspapers in China, which are updated daily. (Intranet access only)

China Core Newspapers Full-text Database (CNKI)
The database has collected academic and informative documents published by important domestic newspapers since 2000. By 2022, it has collected more than 500 titles of newspapers and more than 14 million articles. (For remote access users, please log into the NLC Reader Portal to access to the resources)

Chinese Newspapers Full-text Database (Apabi)
More than 500 titles of core newspapers from national newspaper groups are collected, the article content of which can be searched according to newspaper name, column, article name and picture, and the original newspaper will be provided through the articles searched out. Meanwhile, the search methods, such as according to region, classification, and alphabetic order, are provided (The update is suspended and the last update date is 8 January 2016).

Reference News
This database has collected all of Reference News' newspapers in original version, their texts, pictures, forms and advertisements from 1 March 1957 to 25 January 2007.

Economics Daily News
This database has collected all of Economics Daily News' newspapers in original version, their texts, pictures, forms and advertisements from 1 January 1983 to 30 September 2006.

The database has collected hundreds of newspapers published in Mainland and Hong Kong, as well as the specialized data provided by the China Statistics Press.

People's Daily Image-text Database
Readers can access to full-text data of People's Daily, including all the data since its first issue in 1946. It is updated daily.

Genius Finance
It collects financial and economic news from over 70 titles of major economics and finance newspapers, periodicals or magazines. It also classifies news into different categories such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds and more. Over 2,300 pieces of news are updated daily. Besides financial news, the system also includes bulletins and announcements of listed companies, mutual funds and bonds as well as securities legislation, regulations and so on.

Taiwan JIHO (Chinese and Japanese)
Taiwan JIHO is a Japanese government journal published by Taiwan Government in the period of under Japanese rule, which collects dissertations and statistical information on politics, agriculture, industry, trade, traffic, military affairs, education, judiciary, police, technology, craft, literature and arts, as well as poems and novels of famous Japanese writers in Taiwan.
17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers
The original materials of this database are collected by Charles Bernie, containing more than 200 years of records, explanations and views, and more than 700 limited newspapers. The content includes newspapers in England, Ireland and Scotland, as well as a large number of newspapers from British colonies in America and Asia, involving the politics, education and economic of 36 cities, and including more than 1,200 pamphlets, proclamations, News Books and newspapers at that period. After the original collections were acquired by the British Museum in 1818, the British Library revised the integrated editions, added comment entries, and added new documents. At the same time, it also added the view of the newspaper format initially recognized in the 1620s.

The Pravda, started in 1912, is a leading newspaper of Russia. The database has collected all of the newspapers of Pravda published from 1912 to 2009. It is in PDF format, which is from scanning the original newspapers, including all images.

Access World News
The database provides full-text electronic copies of over 1,300 titles of most popular and most circulated newspapers from different countries in the world. The library subscribes to over 120 titles of newspapers among them.

Business and Company Resource Center (GALE)
Readers can retrieve detailed information of 450,000 companies and 8,000 different industry organizations from over 2,800 titles of full-text business journals and over 100 titles of newspapers.

The database provides important business information in 22 languages from 159 countries. It integrates more than 10,000 titles of publications from Dow Jones Interactive and Reuters Business Briefing. It includes over 2,300 titles of newspapers, 4,200 titles of periodicals and magazines, 640 regional and industry news lines, and 35,000 edited global companies' reports.

ProQuest Wall Street Journals—East Edition
The Wall Street Journal is an authoritative source of business news in America. It circulates all around the country, and is the newspaper with the largest daily circulation in America. By reading some key statistics and reports on Wall Street Journal, readers can quickly and accurately grasp America's economy ups and downs.
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