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   Rules and Regulations for Readers

The National Library of China (NLC) consists of NLC Ancient Books Library located in Wenjin Street, NLC South Area and NLC North Area located in Baishiqiao, forming a trinity of library layout. The NLC Ancient Books Library provides research services based on general ancient books, rare books in foreign languages, chronicles and genealogies, and temporary thematic exhibition services. The NLC South Area provides professional services based on documents in foreign languages as well as special collections in Chinese and foreign languages, and display services of the National Museum of Classic Books; the NLC North Area provides services for the public, mainly including loan service and reading service of Chinese documents, electronic resources, audio-visual resources, and children's services.

1. Readers aged 13 and above can enter the open-stack reading area of the NLC. Readers aged from 13 to 15 can enter the open-stack reading area of the NLC North Area by presenting reader's card of the NLC, while other readers by presenting reader's card of the NLC or their second-generation ID card.

2. Readers aged 16 and above can enter the closed-stack reading area of the NLC by presenting reader's card of the NLC.

3. Children aged 15 and below can enter the NLC Children's Library by presenting reader's card. Children before school age entering the Children's Library shall be accompanied by a guardian. Accompanying guardians (one guardian for one child) can enter the NLC Children's Library with valid certificates.

4. Please take care of your belongings. Bags and other articles can be stored in the lockers for free.

5. Personal books, periodicals and newspapers are not allowed in the Library.

6. Any other activities irrelevant to services provided by the National Library of China are prohibited in the Library.

7. Please eat and drink in the designated areas, and do not bring food, colored or sugary drinks into the reading area.

8. Smoking is prohibited within the Library. Inflammable, explosive or toxic and dangerous items are not allowed in the Library.

9. Readers should be aware of their appearance, be dressed decently and be polite and civilized in the Library.

10. Please abide by the regulations of the Library and follow the instructions of the Library staff.

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