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As to reading and lending services, please refer to Visit Us during the normalized epidemic prevention and control period.

Reading Regulations

To enter each reading room and loan stack room, the reader's Reader's Card or second generation ID card will be verified by the card verification device located at the entrance of each room.

All materials in the reading rooms are to be read inside only.

To read open-stack books, readers are only allowed to take 4 books at a time. For open-stack newspapers and periodicals, readers are allowed to take only the items from the same category each time and take up to one year's issues. Please put the reading materials in the designated areas after reading and do not put them back to the shelves.

To read close-stack books and periodicals, readers must first fill in a request form and hand it to the librarian. Please return all books and periodicals after reading and put them in order.

To read books and periodicals in stacks, readers must first browse the catalogue from the Library's OPAC system (or card catalogue) and send a book request (or submit a request form) to the staff to pick up the item. For books or periodicals arrived at the circulation desk, if the reader doesn't pick them up, then 0.30 yuan per item will be fined. Readers must return the books and periodicals in stacks within the same day, otherwise 5 yuan per item per day will be fined.

To make photocopies of books and other reading materials, readers must fill in a photocopy request form and promise to abide by the copyright law, and process the request at the designated areas. Please return all books immediately after photocopying.

Books and other reading materials in the reading rooms are not allowed to carry out without permission, or else it will be regarded as theft.
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