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   Exterior Guide
——————————————NLC Main Library————————————————
Address: National Library of China, #33 Zhongguancun Nandajie, Hai Dian District, Beijing
Postal Code: 100081
Tel: (+86 10) 88544114
Consultation Tel: (+86 10) 88545426、88545360
Service Supervision: (+86 10) 88545022
Email: webmaster@nlc.cn
Name of the Bus Station: National Library of China
Buses: 332, 563, 588, 653, 658, 695, 697, 717, Yuntong 105, Yuntong 106, T4, T6, T18, T19, 86, 92, Subway Line 4, Subway Line 9
·From Beijing Capital International Airport: Take the airport shuttle to Friendship Hotel and transfer to bus 332, 653, 697, 717, T4, T6, T18, Yuntong 105, Yuntong 106 at the East Gate of Renmin University of China;
·From Beijing Capital International Airport: Take the Airport Subway to Dongzhimen Station, then transfer to Subway Line 2 at Dongzhimen Station to Xizhimen Station, and finally transfer to Subway Line 4 at Xizhimen Station to the Library.
·From Beijing Railway Station: Take Subway Line 2 to Xizhimen Station and then transfer to bus Yuntong 105, Yuntong 106, or Sunway Line 4 to the Library;
·From Beijing West Railway Station: Take bus T6, T18, T19, or Sunway Line 4 directly to the Library;
·You can also look for information on bus routes by visiting the Beijing Public Transport website.
—————————————NLC Ancient Books Library—————————————
   The NLC Ancient Books Library is located in the Westside of Beihai Park.
Address: NLC Ancient Books Library, #7 Wenjin Street, Xi Cheng District, Beijing
Postal Code: 100034
Buses: 5, 14, 38, 55, 101, 103, 109, 124, 128, Tour Line 1, Tour Line 2, Get off at Beihai Station and walk towards West, or get off at Xi’an Men Station or Fuyou Street Station and walk towards East.
Note: You can look for information on bus routes by visiting the Beijing Public Transport website.
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