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Suridea Learning
The platform covers the world's famous programs from networks such as BBC, VOA, and CNN and involves various columns including Current Events and Trends, New Technology, The Outdoors, Jobs and Careers, Health Column, Celebrity Biographies, and American Life. It divides all programs into advanced, intermediate, and primary levels by the difficulty of English learning. The programs of different levels differ in their reading speed and vocabulary quantity and difficulty.
Souyinke Audible Library
The database includes five major sections, namely Bestselling Novels, Pingshu and Quyi, Economic Management and Health Maintenance, Children's Literature, and Variety Entertainment, and collects nearly 5,000 episodes of audio works in various forms such as storytelling, cross talk, novel, English, traditional opera and lecture, and so on.
Audio-visual Resources Database
This database includes digital audio and video resources, which can be accessed online. (For remote access users, please log into the NLC Reader Portal to access to the resource)
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