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Microform Reading Room
Location:D401, fourth floor, NLC South Area.

Opening Hours:Sunday to Friday 9:00-17:00 (For onsite reservation: 9:00-16:00)

Telephone:(+86 10) 88545663

Requirements:Users aged 16 or above must carry their own Reader Cards or 2nd generation ID cards. For certain documents, users must present recommendation letters detailing personal information, research tasks, validity (Recommendation letters should indicate the contact telephone number of the issuing institution; For recommendation letters not labeling validity, the default validity is one month; recommendation letters are valid for one month at most).
Microform resources in NLC include overseas doctoral dissertations, Chinese newspapers (before 1949), Minguo Books, publications of the JiangXi Soviet in 1930-1934, publications of the Japanese government, decrypt documents of the US government and literature from the early Western missionaries in China, and publications about China, multi-language dictionaries and people's biographies of different countries in microfilms and microfiches published before 1850. 

As of the end of 2015, the Library has collected 1,589,119 reels/fiches of microforms.

The American UMI company's doctoral dissertations (PQDD): dissertations from 1938 to the most current, more subscriptions every year;

Chinese newspapers before 1949, periodicals, books in the Minguo period and some Chinese newspapers after 1949;

Sino-American diplomacy file of the late Qing Dynasty;

Doctoral dissertations collected by German Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz;

Decrypt documents from British and American governments; Publications of the Japanese government;

Books about China published in the West before 1850, and information of early Western missionaries in China;

The Jiangxi Soviet Republic information (Chencheng's archives): 1931-1934;

People's biographies of different countries and the Dutch scholar Robert van Gulik's Chinese books collection (literature, calligraphy, paintings, music and more);

China in the Western eye, and multi-language dictionaries
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