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NLC Mobile Digital Library

NLC provides mobile digital library service, which launches some featured columns such as NLC news and events, Culture Express, recommended books, and information retrieval according to its own resources and updates regularly.

The service requires readers' mobile phone available for GPRS. After registration from the webpage of "Zhangshangguotu" on NLC's website or WAP site, download mobile digital library client software, and install it on the phone to the mobile digital library. The service enables readers to customize or cancel a specific service, or scan updated information. Users can also take the initiative to update according to the clues. NLC does not charge any fees of the services, but the mobile operators may charge for GPRS, which will cause the cost.

China Digital Library for Visual Impairment (CDLVI)

CDLVI follows WCAG2.0 and XHTML1.0 in terms of barrier-free web design and technical rules, it's also applicable to screen readers special for the visually impaired.

The 10 columns in CDLVI includes: News, e-books, music appreciation, online seminars, the latest announcement, readers guidelines, new books, CDLVI introduction, Links, website navigation.

CDLVI holds the services strategy of NLC's "three core strategies(namely librarians, science and technologies, and services)" to offer the visually impaired the opportunity of information sharing.

Digital Television Service

NLC's digital television service is launched by the Library in cooperation with Beijing Gehua CATV network Co. Ltd. The service allows the 3million digital TV households in Beijing to receive the resources and services which are suitable for digital television of NLC though the cable television network.

NLC will provide services in terms of "NLC Lectures" "NLC Exhibitions" "Reading though TV" "NLC Treasures of Collections". The content selection is public-oriented and more personalized services are also available though an interactive portal.

Touch-screen for Electronic Newspapers

Traditional input devices are replaced by interactive touch-screen terminal through which the reader can go through digital resources such as ancient collections and e-newspapers of NLC more intuitively, and readers can absolutely enjoy more. Content available:

1. e-newspapers: 10 kinds of newspapers are available and updated daily. Readers can move freely on the newspaper to move, enlarge, flip the pages by fingers.

2. treasures of collection: ①One volume of Sima Guang's manuscript in Song Dynasty of ZiZhiTongJian ②Selected ancient collections online: Dunhuang Manuscripts, the Zhaocheng Tripitaka of the Jin Dynasty, the Yongle Encyclopedia, the Complete Library of the Four Branches of Literature, oracle bones, rubbings and so on.

Information Commons(IC)

IC is the one-stop information environment created by NLC to meet the users' comprehensive needs of space, resources and services. It is a totally new type of library service which is user-centered, resource-based, technology-relied, service-oriented, innovation-oriented and integrates resource sharing and physical space. Its characteristics include digital resources, community-based users, human-based services, networked platforms and knowledge-based space.

IC consists of e-learning area, e-research area, special service area, the National Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project experiencing area, e-commerce area, the network communication area and a media center.

NLC Mobile Newspaper Service

NLC mobile newspaper is launched by NLC in cooperation with Beijing Founder Apabi Technology Ltd, and it's a free newspaper express service special for cell phone users nationwide.

The service is based on new media communications platform, using Founder text information processing technology to achieve the digitalization of the whole process from newspaper publishing, distribution, dissemination to reading. NLC pushes content of newspapers such as text, images, animations and other information through GPRS and other mobile phone network to users to realize the digital reading. This service currently offers subscription and downloads of more than 40 kinds of newspapers.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

WLAN is available in NLC Phase 2(North Area). Authorized users in the building can access OPAC and NLC web pages and so on with devices (such as notebook computers, PDA etc.)that adhere to WLAN protocols. User ID and password are required for authentication.

WLAN in Phase2 can also roam so as to ensure access to network and service when users are walking around. WLAN are also covered in outdoor areas around Phase2 so that users can still enjoy networked services provided by NLC during breaks.

Virtual Reality Services

Virtual Reality services include virtual navigation and the virtual reading terminals. Environmental simulation of the building's physical distribution can be achieved by computer systems. Users can virtually "visit" the architecture and operations by downloading the programs. Meanwhile, specialized equipment are also set in specific areas, providing browsing and experiencing of e-books. Users can virtually turn on pages through non-touch interactions.

Portable Electronic Readers

Users can download e-books through NLC's e-book resources platform whether by portable electronic readers provided by NLC or by their own portable readers. NLC e-book resources platform has about 190 thousand kinds of electronic books in 380 thousand volumes and more than one thousand yearbooks. The e-books from more than 400 publishers cover the entire second grade classifications of the Chinese Library Classification.

Portable electronic readers of NLC support download and browsing of e-books in many formats such as CEB, EBA, EBA2.0, PDF, TXT. etc. Photos, motion pictures, short video&audios can also be available in the portable readers.

Intelligent Stack Navigation

The service enables users to seek the exact target book precisely by virtually presenting users a vivid, three-dimensional navigation map. Concrete measures are as follows: after getting the target book in OPAC, click the book and go to the details, and then click "all single volumes" to trace the "location" hyperlink, then the intelligent navigation map will be available.

Self-photocopy Service

The self- photocopy system requires 3 kinds of cards at the same time, that are, NLC reader' s card, IC card and the second-generation ID card of PRC.

The management mode of the system is totally self-help, relying on NLC's existing network environment and the "charging system of NLC" to administer user's account, authorizing and charging by NLC reader's card so as to precisely supervise users, uses and costs. There is also not any time limit so that card holders can make photocopies at any device, then fees will be deducted from the account automatically. Accordingly, the consumption list will be submitted to the system center. Reports can be generated according to data saved on servers so as to optimize management and statistics.

RFID Self Circulation System

RFID self circulation system includes label switching system, collection inspection system, self circulation system (auto-sorting) and security control system to realize automatic and intelligent collection, shelves and stack checking which can absolutely improve management and circulation efficiency, also save users' time. The system can not only protect private circulation environment, but also facilitate users and reduce labor costs.

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