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In order to carry forward Chinese culture, transmit human civilization, promote the efficient utilization of the collections in National Library of China (NLC) and build nice environment for people's lifetime education, NLC will provide the public with many more network resources (including but not limited to the databases of books, abstracts and full texts).

In the construction of digital resources, NLC attaches importance to the copyright all along, abides by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and its related policies and rules, and actively adopts advanced technique protection measures.

While citing the content in our website, please give chapter and verse for the content; if the content is used for commercial use or illegal purposes so that the reputation of NLC is influenced, NLC will preserve the right of running the violator's legal liability.

As an important culture institution, one of the important functions of NLC is to provide services for education and scientific research. Therefore, NLC will inevitably use some works while constructing the website. Among them, if certain works don't ask for the permission of the copyright owners in advance because of our carelessness, please inform us in time so that NLC can adopt proper compensation measures. Therefore, we hope that we can get the support of all the copyright owners and publishers.

To provide convenience to users, this website sets up external links or outside navigation. Restricted by various conditions, it is difficult to control the content of this website, including its accuracy, integrity, security, etc., Therefore, this website does not assume responsibility for lack of the above. Please understand that.

This website tries but does not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of its information. In case of any omissions and errors, please offer your comments and corrections and we will do our utmost to improve.

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