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alt Overseas Development in Related Fields

The British Library: The British Library believed that only legislation can strengthen the management of future new type publications; and believed that the legal force should not limit the automated acquisitions, meanwhile, it suggested new laws cover publications of various media that increase potentially, and submit copies on the purpose of information conservation. At present, considering the limitative, technical and commercial issues, dynamic online databases, internet publications, monographs and periodicals will be included in the arrangement of the first group deposit.

National Library of Norway: The Reserved Copy Law legislated in 1989 came in effect in 1990, covering internet electronic publications, and corresponding regulations implemented specially.

National Library of France: Internet electronic publications are still submitted voluntarily, and this library provides special conditions for conservations, so as to search the contents going to be conserved.

Royal Library of Denmark: It has legal deposit copies server, and materials that meet the standard of acquisitions of the library can be searched on the server according to the notice of a publisher.

Library and Archives, Canada: Before the publishing of proper laws, the national library negotiates with publishers about the detailed arrangement of voluntary legal deposit of e-publications. Since 1994, Library and Archives, Canada had embarked on the collection of e-publications. In 1995, it launched navigation programs of collection, cataloguing and storage, and selective addition of the library. In 1996, it began to collaborate with Statistics Canada, and the national library became a reserved copy library of the publications of Statistics Canada. In 1997, it founded an electronic publication acquisition group for legal deposit of materials among the private, the government and the publishers, and at present, the legal deposit and archive are voluntary actions. Library and Archives, Canada advocated widening the legal deposit scope, including internet publications, and eventually realized the legal deposit. In October 1998, it disclosed policies and guidelines of related internet e-publications. And it mainly collected Born-Digital works and Canada-related digital works published in other countries; it selectively collected publications of internet and other media formats, so as to add or richen its collections. In 2000, it conducted acquisitions experiment with the information periodical of Science and Technology Association of Canada. In January 2001, the national library held a discussion about the online publications' publishing issues. In September 2001, the national library disclosed a manual of the negotiation of electronic publication with the publishing community. And this manual covered various issues, such as the design, standard and practice of e-publications, reflecting the national library's purpose of collecting internet publications. The users can get e-collections via the website of the Library and Archives, Canada. And the research scope included the title, subject, full text, the records on AMICUS net and the online records. Generally, the collected internet electronic publication could be acquired offline and in the library. But the access is limited by the publishers. And the access ways included open access, long-distance control access and inquiry in the library, and the bibliographies can be acquired via AMICUS database.

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