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Letter of Gratitude from the National Library of China for Legal Deposit of Publication Samples

The National Library of China (NLC) serves as the repository of the nation's publications, a national bibliographic center, a document supply center, and legal receiving institution of national publication samples. It is responsible for comprehensively and completely collecting domestic publications with various carriers, and building national document information resources preservation and supply base. Up to present, the NLC has collected more than 32,000,000 volumes (pieces).

During the development process of the NLC in the past more than 100 years, the NLC gets comprehensive support and great assistance of publishing houses in the nationwide. Receiving legal deposit of publication samples is one of the important manners of enriching the NLC's collections. For all of the publication samples, the NLC puts one copy of each publication into the conservation stack for permanent conservation, and other copies for readers' reading. Via the service platform of Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), the NLC's collections can be shared in the worldwide, which makes Chinese culture heritage widely spread in the worldwide.

In order to conveniently communicate and contact with publishing houses, the NLC specially set up "Office for Legal Deposit of Domestic Publications" in 2010, which is responsible for legal deposit management and other related works. In May 2019, it was renamed "Management Office for Legal Deposit of Publications". 

We thank the national publishing houses for their understanding and support for legal deposit of samples, and sincerely hope that the publishing houses can always support and assist legal deposit in the future, so as to promote complete preservation and full utilization of cultural heritage in China.
Consulting Section: Management Office for Legal Deposit of Publications, National Library of China
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