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alt Statement

The National Library of China shoulders the responsibility and obligation of permanently conserving national digital resources. And in order to ensure this work, our library will embark on the conservation for internet information and digital resources.

Disclaimer of search ways: As to automatic crawl, based on all information data disclosed on China' websites, the National Library of China announces the websites and Web pages which are going to be conserved digitally.. And the term of announcement is 90 days (excluding legal holidays). After the expiration of term of announcement, we will collect conserved objects that don't receive an application of refusal. And we ensure that our collected data will not be used commercially.

Note: the refusal only limits to the explicit way. Any implying will be interpreted as agreement.

Disclaimer of search contents: The National Library of China doesn't conduct substantial reviews on the collected contents, and production institutes and individuals of the information contents should take full responsibility of their disclosed contents.

Declaration: Related departments of the National Library of China have the final right of interpretation for the above items, and take the responsibility of communicating with related authorities concerning the legal deposit of e-products until we get related legal guarantees.

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