Wei Dawei, Secretary of the CPC Committee of the NLC and Deputy Director of the NLC, meets with the Syrian Ambassador to China

On 22 July, Wei Dawei, Secretary of the CPC Committee of the NLC and Deputy Director of the NLC, met with Mohammed Hassane Kadam, the Syrian Ambassador to China, and his delegation.

Wei Dawei extended welcome to the delegation, and introduced the international exchanges of the NLC in recent years and the "Silk Road International Library Alliance". He said that both China and Syria were ancient civilizations. The Silk Road closely linked China and Syria and promoted exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations of the two countries. Benefiting from the strong support of the Syrian Embassy in China, "Encounter Mesopotamia—An Exhibition of Antiquities from Ancient Syria" was successfully exhibited in China with good social response, which brought new vitality and provided a new platform for the mutual enlightenment of the two ancient civilizations. He hoped that this visit would further promote the exchanges and cooperation between the NLC and the National Library of Syria.

Hassane showed thanks for the NLC's warm reception. He said that since the establishment of diplomatic ties, China and Syria had maintained close high-level exchanges, laying a solid foundation for friendly exchanges between the two countries. Beijing and Damascus were located at the east and west ends of Asia. Although they were far apart, they were closely connected through the Silk Road, realizing the blending of multiple cultures. He hoped that the two countries would carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation in the cultural field in the future, actively promote the National Library of Syria to join in the "Silk Road International Library Alliance", and deepen exchanges and cooperation in the field of libraries between China and Syria under the framework of the alliance.

After the meeting, Hassane and his delegation visited "Encounter Mesopotamia—An Exhibition of Antiquities from Ancient Syria".

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