Xiong Yuanming, Director of the NLC, attends the opening ceremony of Chen Yuan's Life Story Exhibition online

On 5 September, "A President of Beijing Normal University from Jiangmen"—Chen Yuan's Life Story Exhibition was open in Beijing Normal University. Xiong Yuanming, Director of the National Library of China (NLC) and Director of China National Center for Preservation & Conservation of Ancient Books, Kang Zhen, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, Wu Wenling, Deputy Director of the Institute of Ancient History, the Chinese Academy of History, Chen Ji, Member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Publicity Department of Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, Chen Zhichao, a descendant of Mr. Chen Yuan and a historian, and so on attended the event and delivered speeches online or offline.

Xiong Yuanming said that Mr. Chen Yuan had a deep relationship with the NLC. As the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Chen once served as the Director of the Metropolitan Library (the predecessor of the National Library of China), and made great contributions to the library affairs development, collection construction, document collation, and so on. His precious academic heritage and spiritual character, especially his deep love for the excellent traditional Chinese literature and classics and his careful study of them, were worthy of learning, commemorating and inheriting by generations of Chinese people. The NLC looked forward to strengthening exchanges and cooperation with Beijing Normal University and other cultural, educational and scientific research institutions, deeply implementing the strategic requirements of the CPC Central Committee on "carrying forward and inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture", implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply letter to the senior experts, actively gathering forces from all sides, and jointly protecting, inheriting and utilizing the precious cultural heritage of the country, so as to make more contributions to inheriting Chinese culture, carrying forward the national spirit, strengthening China's cultural soft power, and building a socialist cultural power.

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