The Online Seminar of "UK-China Library Forum" is held

On 16 March, the Online Seminar of "UK-China Library Forum" was held.

During the seminar, Lin Shitian, a research librarian of the NLC Ancient Books Library, and Zhu Zhenbin, an associate research librarian of the NLC Ancient Books Library, answered questions on the video lectures named The Document Value and Cultural Significance of the Lotus Sutra and Annotations on the Lotus Sutra, and The Restoration of Dunhuang Manuscripts collected in the National Library of China. Quan Qin, Deputy Director of Nanjing Library, answered questions on the video lecture named The New Journey and New Achievements of Ancient Books Preservation. Zoe Miller, a restoration expert of the British Library, Alexa McNaught-Reynolds, preservation director of Exhibition and Loan Services Department, and Han-Lin Hsieh, the Curator of Chinese Collections, answered questions on the video lectures of Iron Gall Ink: the Conservation and Processing Methods of the British Library, The Research and Development of Lighting Guidelines in the British Library, and The Preservation Materials used in the Chinese Collections of the British Library respectively.

In 2021, China and the UK recorded and released training videos of six experts on the conservation and restoration of ancient books to carry out online training for librarians of the two countries. Six experts were invited to conduct online exchanges and discussions on last year's training videos with more than 300 librarians. Zhang Xu, Director of the NLC International Cooperation Division, Wang Yanhang, Secretary-general of Secretariat of the Library Society of China, Luisa Elena Mengoni, Director of Asia-Africa Department of the British Library, and so on attended the seminar.

Participants from China and the UK said that this seminar had further promoted the mutual understanding and reference on ancient books conservation and restoration between China and the UK, and brought new ideas for the development of relevant work. "UK-China Library Forum" had become an important platform for the exchanges between the library communities of the two countries. Both sides hoped that we should stick to this cooperation mechanism for a long time, which would assist the librarianship development of the two countries.

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