The NLC participates in the 2021 World Library and information Congress

From 17 August to 19 August, the International Federation of Library and Associations (IFLA) held the first ever virtual World Library and information Congress (the 86th IFLA General Conference and Assembly). The theme of the conference was "Let's work together for the future", and the sub-themes were "Libraries Innovate", "Libraries Include", "Libraries Sustain", "Libraries Inspire", and "Libraries Enable".

Wei Dawei, Secretary of the CPC Committee of the NLC and Deputy Director of the NLC, Chen Ying, Deputy Director of the NLC and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the NLC, Huo Ruijuan, Deputy Director of the NLC, and responsible comrades of relevant departments attended the conference. They discussed with representatives of various countries on knowledge management and services, library exchanges and cooperation in Asia and Oceania, sustainable development of libraries, library publicity and promotion, document cataloguing, document preservation and conservation, document supply and resources sharing, and so on.

During and around the conference, the IFLA also organized working meetings, public meetings and exhibitions of its subordinate institutions in the form of parallel sessions.

IFLA was the most authoritative and influential professional international organization in the world library community, with more than 1500 members, covering more than 150 countries and regions. IFLA held a general conference and assembly in its member states every year. Affected by the COVID-19, the 2020 IFLA General Conference and Assembly was cancelled and the 2021 IFLA General Conference and Assembly was held online.

In recent years, the NLC had organized personnel to regularly participate in the IFLA General Conference and Assembly, which played a positive role in enhancing international exchanges and cooperation among the library community and promoting the Chinese library community to deeply participate in international library affairs.

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