The NLC holds the opening of new reading space & the establishment of Party member volunteer service team

On 8 June, the National Library of China (NLC) held the opening of the new reading space & the establishment of Party member volunteer service team in the NLC North Area. Wei Dawei, Secretary of the CPC Committee of the NLC and Deputy Director of the NLC, Chen Ying, Deputy Director of the NLC and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the NLC, Zhang Jichen,  a member of the Leading Party Members' Group, China Publishing Group Co., Ltd., Board Member & Vice President, China Publishing and Media Holdings Co., Ltd., and Executive Director and Secretary of the CPC Committee, China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC), and Li Xuecheng, General Manager of Huawei Digital Government Culture and Tourism Industry, attended the activity. Zhang Jun, Deputy Director of the NLC, presided over the activity. Participants from relevant departments of the NLC, the CNPIEC, Zhongtu Yunchuang Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., news media and reader representatives attended the activity.

A promotional video for immersive reading experience was played at the event. Wei Dawei and Zhang Jichen made a speech respectively. The construction and opening of the new reading space was an important measure for the NLC to carry out the practical activity of "I do practical things for the masses" in the Party history learning and education. In order to transform the achievements of the Party history learning and education into the driving force and measures to promote the innovation and development of the librarianship, give full play to the position role of the NLC's cultural voluntary service, and provide readers with more convenient and high quality services, the NLC carried out a wide range of volunteer service activities among the Party members, and established "The NLC Party member volunteer service team". Wei Dawei announced the official establishment of the team. After the activity, the NLC Party member volunteers led the readers to visit and experience the relevant service items of the new reading space.

The new reading space was located in the second floor of the NLC North Area, including the "immersion" reading experience area and the NLC study. The "immersion" reading experience area, which was jointly constructed by the NLC and the CNPIEC and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., was important practice of the NLC to carry out new reading and intelligent library construction in 5G era. The "immersion" reading experience area realized new reading with the help of the fifth generation communication technology, panoramic video, VR and other advanced technologies, and created two immersive exhibitions of "Panoramic Exhibition Hall" and "Reading Tree".

For the first time, the "Panoramic Exhibition Hall" adopted a 270-degree LED three-fold screen to realize naked-eye VR effect in the huge screen. Readers could get a strong sense of immersion and real picture sense when they were in the panoramic space surrounded by three high definition large screens. "Reading Tree" combined mobile intelligent devices, VR devices and tree-shaped exhibition shelves. Readers could watch different types of VR video resources, such as ancient books, Chinese paintings, cultural relics, city impressions, through different VR device terminals on site. The products presented to readers this time included the newly developed VR products of the Yongle Encyclopedia, which were based on the Yongle Encyclopedia collected by the NLC. By using the "5g + VR" technology, integrating 4K/8K panoramic video shooting, three-dimensional animation and other technical means, we created an immersive and time-space spanning cultural experience for the readers.

In order to create better reading environment, the NLC had built a study, which would recommend excellent books for readers, including award-winning books of Wenjin Book Award, classic books of Chinese traditional culture, etc., and provide cultural salon activity places for people from library community, publishing community and all walks of life. Readers could meet friends, visit micro exhibitions of excellent books, and enjoy cultural and creative products with traditional Chinese classics elements. The NLC study would gradually become a reading space and leisure station with thoughts, culture, aesthetics, leisure and other elements, providing more comprehensive and diversified services for the walk-in readers.


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