More than 100 excellent documentaries on fighting against the "epidemic" are collected by the NLC

Recently, "Witnessing the great spirit of fighting against the 'epidemic'—the documentary video activity on Chinese people fighting against the 'epidemic'" was held in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. Zhang Xian, member of the National Committee of the CPPCC and Vice Chairman of China Television Artists Association, Xu Xiaoli, Vice Mayor of Zhongshan Municipal People's Government, and Wang Dongbo, Deputy Director of the National Library of China (NLC), attended the event.

The organizing committee selected 102 outstanding documentaries on fighting against "epidemic" from nearly 400 works. These award-winning documentaries recorded many moving moments in the process of fighting against the "epidemic", showed the dedication and persistence of medical workers, highlighted responsibility of people supremacy in the face of crisis, and conveyed the national spirit of the Chinese people to work together to meet difficulties. A donation ceremony for the award-winning documentaries was held at the event. Wang Dongbo accepted the donation on behalf of the NLC and presented the donation certificates to the representatives of the producers.

Wang Dongbo expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding documentaries' writers and copyright owners for their generous donation, and the help provided by the organizers of the event. He also introduced the progress of the Chinese Memory Project of Fighting against the "Epidemic", and the documentary collection work. He said that these precious documentary documents would provide important historical materials for future generations to understand and study the epidemic disaster. The NLC would keep them properly and provide them to the public in an appropriate way.

In the future, the NLC would further carry out in-depth cooperation with relevant departments and institutions, continue to carry out the collection of resources on the theme of fighting against the "epidemic", and explore the establishment of the NLC documentary collection system, so as to better fulfill the mission of "inheriting civilization and serving the society", and jointly cultivate and protect the beautiful spiritual home of the Chinese nation.

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