The NLC official MicroBlog wins "Ten Years Microblog Special Contribution ▪ Innovation" Award

On 30 December, "Ten Years MicroBlog ▪ The Evening of Government MicroBlog", which was directed by Tianjin Internet Information Office, sponsored by and, and supported by Academy of Media and Public Affairs, Communication University of China, was held in Tianjin. The NLC official MicroBlog was invited to participate in the summit, and won "Ten Years MicroBlog Special Contribution ▪ Innovation" Award.

The NLC official MicroBlog was launched in May 2013, which provided readers with classic reading, library information, books and periodicals recommendation, and other contents by diversified publishing manners, such as pictures, texts, videos, and so on, and was committed to promoting the library's high-quality resources and services to a wider audience with the help of the new media platform.

With the development of new media, the NLC official MicroBlog always adhered to the characteristics of the times, and kept a close eye on the needs of readers. In terms of service capability, emphasis should be placed on enhancing matrix linkage capability, strengthening close contact among library community or between library community and other communities, and giving full play to linkage service efficiency. In terms of operation ability, the NLC would continue to explore ideas and innovate manners, flexibly carry out online publicity activities in diversified manners, and promote topics in a more vivid way. The topics, such as "National Reading Season", "My Library Story", "110th Anniversary of the NLC", and so on, had been read 1.5 billion times, discussed 1.8 million times, and repeatedly placed on the MicroBlog hot search list, which aroused wide attention of the society and played a positive role in the positive publicity and positive energy dissemination of the library.

Up to present, the number of the NLC official MicroBlog users had amounted to nearly 500,000, which had gradually become one of the important windows of the NLC for external publicity and reader service. In the future, the NLC would continue to improve its innovation and creation ability, make use of the advantages of new media platforms such as MicroBlog, take users' demand as the guide, take information service as the foundation, and make contributions to promoting positive and healthy development of national reading.

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