M Subway • Library launches family reading list and promotes national reading in cooperation with social institutions

On 17 December, "M Subway • Library", which was co-sponsored by the National Library of China (NLC) and Beijing MTR Corporation Limited (BJMTR), held new contents release & launching ceremony of family reading contest. Wang Dongbo, Deputy Director of the NLC, Shao Xinming, General Manager of BJMTR, and Zhou Xiaohan, Vice President and Chief Editor of Shanghai Himalaya Technology Co. LTD, attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Wang Dongbo said, family was the cell of society. Good family reading habit would become a tradition handed down from generation to generation, and also shape the reading atmosphere of the whole society. He hoped that more families could attach importance to reading through "family reading contest", so as to cultivate family tradition and build a scholarly society. In the future, the NLC would go on playing the role of main position for national reading, work together with more social institutions, continuously provide rich spiritual nourishment for the public, and perform its duties and make unremitting efforts for building a scholarly society.

This activity was the warm-up activity of the NLC 2019 "Reading Week". With "Family Reading" as the theme, this activity adopted the double reading mode of "e-book reading + audio book reading". 10 titles of e-books and 867 episodes of listening resources were recommended to the readers. Passengers could scan the QR code in the subway and get them free of charge. These resources were from the NLC collections, covering literature, history, education, art, philosophy, children and so on, which were suitable for the whole family to read together, especially for the reading needs of the elderly and young people.

In this activity, the NLC and Shanghai Himalaya Technology Co. LTD jointly launched online "family reading contest". Passengers could select their favorite fragments from the recommended resources, read them together with their family members and upload the recordings to participate in the contest. M Subway • Library had set up an account in Himalaya, providing more audio-visual resources for readers, who could listen to the resources by logging in the account.

This activity was a beneficial practice for the library in cooperation with social institutions to jointly promote national reading, and the result of the joint efforts of the three parties. In recent years, the NLC had been innovating its service modes and relying on its rich collections to serve the society. Up to present, M Subway • Library had run nearly five years, which adopted online and offline methods successively, and invited passengers to participate in the recording of National Library Open Course and on-site activities such as Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Party. In total, more than 100 volumes of full-text resources of e-books and audio books of the NLC were open for the public free of charge, attracting more than 350,000 people to participate in the activities.

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