The NLC holds 2019 Southeast Asian Librarians Seminar

On 22 November, the opening ceremony of 2019 Southeast Asian Librarian Seminar was held in the National Library of China (NLC). Rao Quan, Director of the NLC, and Wang Jianhua, Secretary of the CPC Committee of the Central Academy of Culture and Tourism Administration (CACTA) and Deputy Director of the CACTA, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech respectively. 11 experts and scholars from 10 national libraries in Southeast Asia attended the seminar.

In his speech, Rao Quan said that the Silk Road International Library Alliance was established on 28 May 2018, which was an open international library cooperation platform proposed by the NLC under the guidance of the International Exchange and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Up to present, the alliance forum had been held twice successfully, and the number of members had amounted to 28. This seminar was practical cooperation and exchange under the framework of the alliance. In the future, the NLC would organize more training courses on different topics, invite library staff of member libraries to study in China, and improve the professional level of the library staff.

In his speech, Wang Jianhua expressed his sincere admiration for the pioneering and innovative spirit of the NLC. He pointed out that the holding of this seminar was one of the important achievements after the establishment of the Silk Road International Library Alliance and was of great significance for the common development of libraries in Southeast Asia. The CACTA would work closely with the NLC to do well the seminar implementation work.

Deputy Director of the National Library of Malaysia made a speech on behalf of the seminar participants. He expressed his gratitude to the NLC for its efforts in this seminar, and said that he would apply what he learned in the seminar to the digital library construction of his library.

The theme of this seminar was "Digital Library Construction and Cooperation". Many experts from the NLC, National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University Library, and so on were invited to make lectures on the current development situation, service innovation and overall planning of China digital library. The seminar participants were organized to visit the NLC, Tsinghua University Library, Tianjin Binhai New Area Library, and other libraries and cultural institutions for study and exchange. Through classroom teaching, visiting and exchanges, the seminar introduced the development status, the theoretical basis and practical achievements of China digital library construction, and discussed the direction of future cooperation and development of China—Southeast Asia digital libraries.

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