The donation ceremony of Mr. Yang Hui's manuscripts and other precious documents is held in the NLC

On 3 December, the donation ceremony of Mr. Yang Hui's manuscripts and other precious documents was held in the National Library of China (NLC). Mr. Yang Hui's descendents donated 93 titles of 3,330 volumes of precious documents to the NLC, including Yang Hui's translation works, letters to and from teachers and friends, and so on. Rao Quan, Director of the NLC, accepted the donation and issued donation certificate to the donor.

The donated documents included Mr. Yang Hui's translation works, such as Beethoven, A Hero of Our Time, Timon of Athens, manuscripts of literary criticism Cao Yu Lun (transliteration), from the 1920s to the 1940s, manuscripts and transcripts of Outline of Chinese Literary and Ideological History while teaching in Peking University, diaries while preparing for the First China National Literature Figure and Artists Conference in 1949, and the records and various materials collected in 1940 when he participated in the "Writers Battlefield Investigation Group" in the frontline of northern Guangdong. In addition, letters to and from his teachers and friends including Shen Yinmo, Zhou Zuoren, Gu Sui, Fei Ming, etc., and poems written by Zang Kejia to celebrate Yang Hui's 50th birthday were also included. These precious documents reflected the development process of Mr. Yang Hui's literary thought and practice, the communication details and group features of the Peking scholars in the 1920s and 1930s, and the strong sense of family and country and the strong sense of social responsibility of the modern Chinese intellectuals, which were of both historical and documentary value.

The precious documents donated this time would be collected in the NLC Celebrities' Manuscripts Stack. Since it was founded in 1954, the NLC Celebrities' Manuscripts Stack had collected many celebrities' manuscripts, such as Marx, Engels, Zhan Tianyou, Liang Qichao, Wang Guowei, Lu Xun, Zheng Zhenduo, Zhu Ziqing, Wen Yiduo, Fu Lei, and so on. The NLC would continue to collect, protect and study all kinds of manuscripts of celebrities from all walks of life, further explore their intrinsic important value, serve the society through exhibitions, lectures and other manners, and play a positive role in protecting and inheriting Chinese civilization.

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