2019 Chinese Library Annual Conference is closed

On 22 August, 2019 Chinese Library Annual Conference was closed in National Fitness Center, Dongsheng District, Ordos.

The theme of this annual conference was "Transformation and Development of Library in the New Era: Balancing, Integration and Wisdom". During the conference, theme sessions, such as the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of the Library Society of China (LSC), "The Evening of Librarians", reading knowledge competition, and other important activities were held.

At the closing ceremony, the theme exchange activity of library space construction of "New Space, New Services, New Trend" was held. Chen Chao, Director of Shanghai Library, Guo Xinping, Director of Taiyuan Library, Zhou Yingxiong, Director of Bao'an District Library, Shenzhen, Hu Hairong, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Library Society, and Lin Hongxuan, Deputy Director of Dalian Children's Library, introduced the ideas and practices of library space design. In the following, the conference issued certificates for representatives of reading knowledge competition, awarded authors of annual conference and national reading.

Rao Quan, Director of the LSC and Director of the National Library of China, summarized the achievements of this annual conference, and declared the closing of the annual conference.

Rao Quan said, this annual conference was to thoroughly study and carry out the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the Xi Jinping's new era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, and focused on the education activity with the theme of "never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind". On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC, it was a very important meeting of the library community, and an inspiring meeting that would guide the future. The annual conference embodied the following characteristics:

First, the annual conference focused on the theme, and grasped library transformation development direction in the new era.

The attendees focused on the theme of "Transformation and Development of Library in the New Era: Balancing, Integration and Wisdom", and reached a consensus. We needed to further promote balanced development and strengthen weak links while deepening reform and raising efficiency; we should strengthen industry resource sharing and collaboration, and explore a path of cross-border cooperation and win-win development; we should pay close attention to the latest progress of modern science and technology such as artificial intelligence, pay attention to the organic combination of science and technology and library community, and provide high-quality public cultural services.

Second, the annual conference summarized experiences, and promote the steady progress of Chinese librarianship.

During the conference, the theme session on the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of the LSC was held. Through summarizing, improving and building consensus, it further strengthened the unity of Chinese library community and gave play to the professional strength of different aspects.

Third, based on practice, the annual conference highlighted the promotion and application of library academic achievements.

Based on the library academic research and career development, the annual conference focused on the current national cultural undertakings, the key point of the librarianship development, and hot spots of public concern, such as information literacy and sustainable development, exploring the value of local literature, assisting in cultural and creative product development, and so on. More than 80 experts and the library workers home and abroad made keynote reports around 12 themes and exchanged experiences, which manifested the promotion and application of academic achievements in practice.

Fourth, it was the first time that the Chinese Library Annual Conference had been held in a county-level city, which promoted the balanced development of Chinese librarianship.

The annual conference was held in a county-level city, and meanwhile an ethnic minority area for the first time, which demonstrated the exploration and determination of the Chinese library community to further promote the balanced development of Chinese librarianship. During the annual conference, style and features display of scholarly cities and scholarly communities was held. Their experiences on promoting the nationwide reading and building a learning society had certain promotion value in the whole country. Therefore, this was not only an opportunity for learning and exchanges in the national library community, but also a good opportunity to promote the librarianship development of Dongsheng District, Ordos, and even the central and western regions.

Fifth, the annual conference was an open meeting ,which attracted people from all walks of life at home and abroad to participate in the conference.

The annual conference conformed to the integration development trend, explored cross-border exchanges and cooperation, invited experts from non-library communities to deliver keynote speeches, attracted international colleagues from seven countries and regions to attend the conference, and invited central media and local media to carry out on-spot report. Meanwhile, the opening and closing ceremony were broadcast live on the Internet, and the content of various theme sessions were also released through the Internet. Through the open conference, it attracted people from all walks of life at home and abroad to participate in the conference actively, and made Chinese Library Annual Conference a high-end platform for exchanges and interaction between Chinese library communities and other related communities, and expanded its international influence.

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