2019 Chinese Library Annual Conference is held

On 21 August, 2019 Chinese Library Annual Conference was held in Dongsheng District, Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the theme was "Transformation and Development of Library in the New Era: Balancing, Integration and Wisdom".

It was the first time that the Chinese Library Annual Conference had been held in a county-level city, which demonstrated the exploration and determination of the Chinese library community to further promote the balanced development of Chinese librarianship, and also echoed the conference theme.

This conference was sponsored by the Library Society of China (LSC) and People's Government of Dongsheng District, Ordos, and organized by the National Library of China (NLC), National Center for Public Cultural Development, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the Bureau of Culture and Tourism of Ordos.

Chen Binbin, First-class Inspector of the Department of Public Services, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Rao Quan, Director of the LSC and Director of the NLC, Li Xiaoqiu, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Siqin Bilige, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of Ordos and Mayor of Ordos, Zhang Zhanlin, a member of Standing Committee of CPC Committee of Ordos and Secretary of CPC Committee of Dongsheng District, Liu Jianxun, Deputy Mayor of Ordos, experts and scholars of library community and related communities home and abroad, library workers, representatives of enterprises and journalists of news media attended the annual conference.

On behalf of the CPC Committee and Municipal Government of Ordos, Liu Jianxun extended a warm welcome to all the leaders, experts and guests attending the annual conference, and briefly introduced history, culture, regional characteristics and public culture construction of Ordos. He hoped to take the opportunity of this annual conference to further promote Ordos and Dongsheng District to the whole country and promote the rapid development of public culture services and librarianship.

In his speech, Chen Binbin said the librarianship had shown a good situation of vigorous development in recent years. The theme of this year's annual conference was in keeping with the spirit of the times and the trend of development. He hoped that the annual conference could present the latest achievements and concepts of current library development and lead the high-quality development of Chinese libraries; the annual conference could respond to the people's needs for libraries, and create a convenient and efficient public cultural space to adapt to the new era; the annual conference could carry out the spirit of the central government to promote the reform of public culture, and further promote the continuous development of librarianship. He believed that under the guidance of the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the Xi Jinping's new era, the vast number of library staff would never forget their original intention and promote the librarianship to achieve new and greater development.

In his speech, Rao Quan said since its founding 40 years ago, the LSC had played an active role in academic construction, popular science reading, decision-making consultation, foreign exchanges, and so on, and had become a bridge and link between the Party and the government to contact with library workers. He hoped that library colleagues would make good use of the academic exchange platform of the annual conference, and set up concepts, clarify problems, find answers, expand their horizons and exchange ideas with each other from the perspective of multi-channels, multi-perspectives and multi-industry integration; he hoped that various libraries at all levels throughout the country could further unite and bring into play the professional strength of different aspects of the library community, work together to promote the steady development and innovation of Chinese librarianship, better meet people's growing needs for cultural life in the new era, and make greater contributions to promoting the prosperity of socialist culture and building a strong socialist culture power.

Glòria Pérez-Salmerón, President of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, Wanda Brown, President of the American Library Association, Nam Yeongjun, President of Korean Library Association, and other colleagues from the international library community sent letters of congratulation, and expressed their best wishes for the annual conference.

During the opening ceremony, 2019 Style and Features Display of "Scholarly Cities (county-level)" and "Scholarly Communities" was held, which presented the style and features of 9 cities, including Dongcheng District, Beijing, Dongsheng District, Ordos, and so on, and 6 communities, such as Xinjiang Road Community, Heping District, Tianjin. These cities and communities were all grass-root areas, and their experiences on promoting the nationwide reading and building a learning society had certain promotion value in the whole country.

After the opening ceremony, Zhang Chi, famous blogger of Sina Weibo made a report named "The Development and Future of 5G". He explained the development of 5G and the opportunities and challenges it brought to the librarianship from four aspects, including core characteristics and development trends of 5G, Sino-American competition and future trend of 5G, future new industries under 5G background, and opportunities and challenges for librarianship.

This conference would hold 9 theme sessions, such as the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of the LSC, Information Literacy and Sustainable Development, and so on, which invited more than 80 famous experts and library workers to make keynote reports and academic exchanges. Meanwhile reading knowledge competition, "The Evening of Librarians", and other activities would be held during the annual conference.

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