Rao Quan, NLC Director, meets with Director General of the National Library and Archive Service, Papua New Guinea

In the morning of 13 August, Rao Quan, Director of the National Library of China (NLC), met with Kakaito Kasi, Director General of the National Library and Archive Service, Papua New Guinea, and his delegation. Chen Ying, NLC Deputy Director, was also present.

Rao Quan extended welcome to Kakaito Kasi and his delegation, and introduced the NLC's general situation to the delegation. He hoped to take the delegation's visit to China as a starting point, strengthen exchanges in various ways, expand cooperation areas of both sides, and clarify the cooperation direction and content between the two libraries by signing a memorandum of understanding on bilateral cooperation.

Kakaito Kasi thanked Rao Quan for his warm reception and detailed introduction. He said that the development of Chinese librarianship had made remarkable achievements in recent years. He hoped to learn from the development experience of China through personnel exchanges and other manners, and deepen cooperation, so as to promote the mutual development of the librarianship of the two countries.

After the meeting, the delegation held business exchanges with the NLC Coordination & Operation Management Division and other departments.

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