"Craftsmanship of Civilizations—Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Asia" is opened in the NLC

On 16 May, "Craftsmanship of Civilizations—Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Asia" was opened in the National Library of China (NLC), which was one of the series activities of Asian civilization week, and was sponsored by China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd. (CAGE), Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), and the NLC. Dong Wei, Vice President of China Federation of Literary Art Circles, Fan Di'an, President of the CAFA, Wei Dawei, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Deputy Director of the NLC, Li Jinsheng, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of the CAGE, officials from Turkish and other embassies in China, and artists from 14 Asian countries attended the opening ceremony.

Indonesian shadow puppet master Didik Hadiprayitno made a speech on behalf of the artists. He believed that the interaction of different cultures would connect the hearts and minds of Asian people and form a new cultural identity. The Asian people should make concerted efforts to promote the development and progress of civilizations, which didn't only protect Asian rich and colorful civilizations, but also safeguard world peace and pass on the civilization fruits to future generations.

A total of 320 pieces (sets) of intangible cultural heritage masterpieces from 14 Asian countries were on display in this exhibition, including Japan's ceramics, Korea's bamboo hats, paper arts, Nepal's bronzes, Thailand's puppets and ceramics, Kazakhstan's Dombra and tapestries, Malaysia's tie-dye and rattan weaving, and so on. In the center of the exhibition hall, the unique "Asian Sitting Room", in the form of traditional Chinese scholars study, integrated with the intangible cultural heritage works of Asian countries, which fully embodied that the exhibition highlighted the vitality of Asia through the beauty of exhibits, conveyed the broad, confident, ancient and fresh spirit of Asia to the world in manner of dialogues and exchanges, and also responded to the theme "Asian civilization dialogue" and "Focuses on Asian civilization exchange, mutual learning and community of common future".

These intangible cultural heritage works embodied the Asian cultural spirit and the yearning for a better life, demonstrated the mutual learning and integration of Asian civilizations, and played important roles for further strengthening the cultural confidence of the Asian people, promoting the development of civilization among countries, and promoting the common development, prosperity and progress of countries and regions in the world.

The exhibition ran until 28 May. "The Exhibition of the Oracle Bones Inscriptions", "The Exhibition of the Yongle Encyclopedia Documents collected by the National Library of China" and "Craftsmanship of Civilizations—Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Asia" were included into "United Exhibitions on Asian Civilizations".

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