The 14th Wenjin Book Award is announced

On 23 April, the National Library of China (NLC), the Library Society of China (LSC), and the platform of "Study the Great Nation" co-hosted a national reading event "Reading classic, Learning new knowledge, Linking to better life". More than 400 people attended the activity, including Liu Hanjun, Director of the Public Opinion Research Center, the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, and principal of the platform of "Study the Great Nation", Rao Quan, the NLC Director, and Director of Wenjin Book Award Appraisal Committee and Organizing Committee, Wei Dawei, Deputy Director of Wenjin Book Award Organizing Committee, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Deputy Director of the NLC, Chen Binbin, Deputy Director of Wenjin Book Award Organizing Committee, and Deputy Director of Public Culture Department, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the NLC Deputy Directors, Zhang Zhiqing, Li Honglin, Chen Ying and Wang Dongbo, representatives of authors and publishers of award-winning books, representatives of Wenjin Book Award Organizing Committee, expert review committee, media review committee, and public libraries joint review institutions.

10 titles of award-winning books of the 14th Wenjin Book Award were announced successively on site, such as Chinese Characters and Chinese Culture: Ten Lectures, The World as I See It, A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design, We Have No Idea: A Guide to the Unknown Universe, and so on, including 5 titles of books in social sciences, 3 titles of books in sciences, and 2 titles of children books.

The 14th Wenjin Book Award received 1,562 titles of books recommended by libraries in the nationwide, readers, experts and the media, hitting a new record. As joint review institutions, 224 publishing houses and 78 libraries attended the recommendation process, and the number of publishing houses was an increase of 40% over the previous year, which reflected that the influence and coverage of Wenjin Book Award had been expanding. Based on the opinions of online readers, joint review institutions and book critics circle, 40 people, including expert review committee judges, subject librarians and professionals, discussed and evaluated the recommended books. After the initial evaluation, final evaluation, check and approval, 10 titles of award-winning books and 40 titles of recommended books were selected finally.

In the middle of announcing the list of award-winning books, Mr. Qian Xun, a famous scholar, and Mr. Qin Boyi, a pharmacologist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, were invited to give a keynote speech titled Talking about "Reading Classics" on World Book and Copyright Day and Learning new knowledge, Linking to a better life respectively. Representatives of primary school students from Primary School attached to Branch of Beijing Dayu Middle School, and members of China National Symphony Orchestra brought two art programs with the theme of reading, i.e. The Enlightenment of Melody and The Comprehension of the Analects of Confucius.

In accordance with the theme of "Reading classic, Learning new knowledge, Linking to better life", the Wenjin Book Award website launched a webpage of "Inheriting classics, Sharing good books", including three columns, i.e. "Sharing good books", "Encountering classics", and "Master's micro lectures". Centering on the works and authors recommended by General Secretary Xi Jinping, with Chinese traditional culture, Chinese modern and contemporary culture and world culture as the theme, this website published 100 titles of E-Books, and video resources such as interpretation on classics, master's lectures, and so on. The NLC mobile portal, mobile reading platform of digital library, WeChat subscription account and service account also published the corresponding content of Wenjin Book Award.

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