The Council of the NLC establishes in Beijing

On 18 February, the conference for the establishment of the council of the National Library of China (NLC) held in Beijing, 16 comrades were appointed as members of the board and supervisors. To establish a council marked that the NLC formally launched pilot work for the structural reform of corporate governance. Luo Shugang, Secretary of the CPC organization of Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Minister of Culture & Tourism, was present at the conference and made a speech, he issued letters of appointment to the members of the board and supervisors. Zhang Xu, CPC Party Member of Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Deputy Minister of Culture & Tourism, presided the conference.

In his speech, Luo Shugang stressed that since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the Central Committee of the CPC with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core attached great importance to cultural progress; it put forward a series of new thoughts, new views and new requirements, made a range of significant arrangements. The Report to the 19th National Congress of the CPC further clarified that to deepen the structural reform of the cultural sector, to improve the system for managing the cultural sector. Moving forward the structural reform of corporate governance in public cultural institutions was a focused reform task in terms of general situation for reform and development in the cultural area. As the objective need for improving the system for managing the cultural sector, corporate governance was good for expanding participation in society, so as to form a positive situation that all members of society care and support the development of culture jointly; it was also of significant importance for improving service levels and efficiency of public cultural institutions, providing better service for the people.

Luo Shugang pointed that, as the first pilot institution that directly under the Ministry of Culture & Tourism, the NLC must take on its pilot responsibilities practically, explore effective means and approaches for realizing corporate governance, in order to implement reform task successfully, build experiences, offer references and make a pioneering contribution to other public cultural institutions nationwide. During the process of the reform, it would be necessary to clarify the rights and duties of all parties, so that the council could make a difference; meantime, it would be crucial to adhere to the leadership of the CPC, implement ideological responsibilities, build on the opportunity of the reform, to promote innovative developments for various business of the NLC. When conditions were adequate, public cultural institutions directly under the Minister of Culture & Tourism nationwide should initiate the reform timely, sum up reform experiences and publicize good examples.

After the conference, the NLC held the first session of its council, examined and adopted Statute of the National Library of China, clarified responsibilities of the council, management, CPC organization and staff representative assembly of the NLC, also identified the composition of the council, rights and duties of its members and supervisors, to ensure the NLC operating under national laws and regulations.

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