The Exhibition Month of National Representative Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage Rescue Recording Achievements Are Held in the National Library of China

On July 6th, a promotion meeting on the first batch of rescue recording work achieved by the national representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, was held in the National Library of China (NLC). Chen Tong, Wang Chenyang, Director and Deputy Director of Intangible Cultural Heritage Section of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Zhang Zhiqing, Deputy Director of the NLC, Lan Jing, Deputy Director of the National and Fork Culture Development Center of Ministry of Culture and Tourism attended the meeting. Attendances amounted more than 200, including representatives from the expert committee of the acceptance of the rescue recording work, inheritance and provincial protection center of intangible cultural heritage and executive teams.

This promotion meeting summarized the acceptance situation of the rescue recording work, published the first batch of rescue recording results, accepted and issued the participation certificate and outstanding participation organization certificate. At the same time, three "favorite films" voted by the audience during the month of the exhibition were announced, which are Liu Yongan -- Puppet Show (Shaoyang Puppet Show), Shen Shaosan – Artistry of Stone Lock Throwing, and Yang Qihe -- Clay Sculpture of Yang Family. Besides, the national inheritors performed wonderful programs on the spot. Pansa Yinhua and Xiaohuang Dong Song Team sang the famous song of the Dong People, Song of Cicada and Song of Ancestral Village. Badma sang the Mongolian long tune folk "The Northern Ridge", Niu Yuliang brought the audience the oral stunts "green water, spring mountain, singing birds". Qin Mengyu and her apprentice showed the Chang Li Yangko Dance incisively and vividly, Shen Shaosan, 90 years old, had his disciples demonstrate the martial arts skills of Stone Lock Throwing.

A work forum named "Race Against the Time" was held on the morning. Representatives from expert committee of the acceptance of the rescue work records and outstanding program teams were invited to take part in discussion of " for the inheritance", "make good use of willing hearts" and " benefit the future generations". They shared experiences combined with real cases, discussed how to better carry out the rescue recording work, summarized the academic requirements and working methods and explored the preservation and use of working results, all of which brought enlightenment to the subsequent work.

In this month, the Exhibition of National Representative Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage Rescue Recording Achievements named "Time Passes, Skills and Memories Last" was held as scheduled in Xuejin Hall on the first floor of the north area of the NLC, which will roll over from July 6th to 20th. In the exhibition, the history of rescue record work was reviewed in chronological order, and the first batch of rescue recording work was presented in detail in the form of pictures, texts, images and installation arts. The exhibition also restored the typical scene of the rescue recording work as described by the inheritors in the oral history interview. An installation work named "Skill · Memory Does Not Grow Old with Age" composed of the portraits of 227 national representative inheritors was designed to present the intertwined image record and time flow, reflecting cultural feelings and humanistic concerns to the audience. Besides, the NLC also launched an online exhibition ( to better spread the influence the rescue recording work through more channels.

On July 7th and 8th, the NLC also held three screenings and exchange activities, namely "Happy and Healthy life of Intangible Cultural Heritage", "Colorful Guizhou" and "Carving knife, Scissors, Bricklaying Knife -- Stories of Craftsmen", which created opportunity for the public to make face-to-face communication with the national intangible cultural inheritor and excellent creative teams.

Under the overall arrangement of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the rescue recording work of representative inheritors of national intangible cultural heritage was launched in 2015. June 9th is the "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day", On which the NLC startup its series activities " Years Grow Old, Skills and Memories will Last"—Exhibition of National Representative Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage Rescue Recording Achievements, which includes theme activities, outstanding achievements promotion, documentary film screenings, theme exhibitions and other activities. So far, about 2,000 audience have been attracted to participate in this event.

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