Rao Quan, Director of the NLC, meets with Director of the Slovak National Library

On 24 October, Rao Quan, Director of the National Library of China (NLC), met with Katarina Kristofova, Director of the Slovak National Library (SNL), and her delegation.

Rao Quan introduced basic information of the NLC to Katarina Kristofova and expressed his gratitude for the SNL has joined the “Silk Road International Library Alliance”. He also hoped that the SNL could use its regional influence to promote the development of the Alliance in Central Europe.

Katarina Kristofova exchanged background information of the SNL with Rao Quan, especially highlighted the construction experiences of its Document Preservation & Digitization Center, Document Archive and Museum. She expected that both the two National Libraries might expand cooperation areas under the framework of the Alliance.

Through negotiation and consultation, the two National Libraries agreed to establish liaison mechanism by consensus, to build a long-term partnership for business of common concern, and to exchange experiences in terms of development challenges for library community.

After the meeting, Katarina Kristofova and her delegation visited the National Museum of Classic Books and Reading Rooms of the NLC North Area.

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