2018 Conference of Directors of Technology Department in Public Libraries was held in Beijing

The 2018 Conference of Directors of Technology Department in Public Libraries, sponsored by China National Microfilming Center for Library Resources, was held in Beijing from June 3 to 5. Chen li, Executive Deputy Director of the National Library of China (NLC), attended the conference and delivered a speech. Nearly 50 directors from more than 20 provincial and municipal public libraries participated.

In the conference, Chen li indicated that member libraries should make in-depth study on the influence the Public Library Law of the People's Republic of China can make on the microfilming construction of library resources. He called on more investigation and rescue of the Chinese newspapers and local literature in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, so as to promote the sustainable development of microfilm literatures. Shen Xiaojuan, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of the NLC, made a special report on the Public Library Law, in which she reviewed the legislative process of the law, and made detailed interpretation of its legislative purpose, basic system and other items.

2017 work summaries and 2018 work deployments concerning national microfilming construction were made during the conference. Besides, the conference also honored advanced collectives, outstanding managers and individuals who ranked among the top in output and quality of microfilming construction in 2017. Anhui Library, Hubei Library, Gansu Library and Heilongjiang Library were awarded the title of "National Advanced Collective for Microfilming Construction". Cheng Qiang, Fan Zhiyi, Li Wenyue and Liao Zhibo won the title of "Excellent Manager of Microfilming Construction "; Nine people, including Wang Yongguang, Wu Xiaoping and Lin Shaofang, won the title of "Advanced Individual".

In the discussion section, participants introduced their achievements in 2017 and work plans of 2018 respectively, and exchanges were made concerning the progress in collection, cataloguing and digitization of local literature.

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