Children Chanting Ancient Rhymes, Breathing New Life into Classics The DLPP 2018 Children’s Online Poetry Recitation was Launched

On June 1st, the office of the Digital Library Promotion Project (DLPP), together with public libraries at all levels of the country, launched the 2018 children’s online poetry recitation, named children chanting ancient rhymes, breathing new life into classics.

This year's event continue to use the ancient poetry resources in the "Wenjin Classic Reading" column of the National Library China (NLC) as its resource base. Through online recitation activities, children can develop the reading habit and feel the beauty and spiritual power of the classic poems. The inheritance and promotion of Chinese excellent traditional culture could be realized in the combination of digital reading and classic poetry.

The event will last for two month, during which children aged 6 to 12 across the country can take part by following the WeChat public account of the DLPP in mobile phones or visit the homepage through PC terminals. They can choose to read from 20 ancient poems and upload their works as required. They can also share their works and get comments on the WeChat. Experts will be invited for three rounds of evaluation. Referring to the situation of the public comments, 10 reciting masters and 50 reciting talent will be selected for award, and 300 active participants will be selected for encouragement. The results will be announced on both the WeChat public account and the official website of the DLPP in early August.

This event comes to its third consecutive year in 2018. In this year, the participating experience has been upgraded: WeChat program "reading assistant" was brought out, and exclusive links were continually provided to more than 350 public libraries, so that they can carry out activities independently and expand their coverage to the greatest extent. The point-gaining activities of "parent-child recitation video" and "library treasure hunt" were kept to encourage parents’ company in children's reading and use of library. In addition, the parent-child recitation video uploaded in this year's event will have the chance to be edited into the campaign video which will be displayed on the WeChat public account and other publicity platforms.

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