Experience Zone of the National Digital Library of China Made Its Appearance in the 2018 Chinese Library Annual Conference

From 31st May to 1st June, the 2018 Chinese Library Annual Conference was launched in Langfang, Hebei Province. During the expos, Xiang Zhaolun, Deputy minister of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People`s Republic of China, Chen Binshan, Deputy director of Public Services Division, Han Yongjin, Director of the NLC, as well as Gloria Perez Salmeron, Chairwoman of the International of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), GeraldĀ·Leitner, Secretary-general of IFLA and the other distinguished guests visited the Experience Zone of the National Digital Library of China.

Panels were used to display the achievements and future development of the Digital Library Promotion Project in the Experience Zone. The entire display can be divided into four parts. The first part, named strengthening technology and updating service mode, demonstrated the fruits yield from upgrading of platforms such as mobile reading service, unified user identity system. The second part, enhancing interconnection and realizing integrative developments, displayed the upgrading of resource-sharing and information service capability through the improvements of integration in resources, network and platforms of libraries nationwide. The third part, comprehending the demands of the public and improving service efficiency, demonstrated that the grass-roots library assistance program and library open courses precisely meet the needs of the public and greatly enhanced the public cultural-service efficiency. The forth part, successive developments and self-transcendence, introduced the utilization of clouding computing technology, cloud service and big data intelligent service, which constructed the supporting platform for the release and service of self-built digital resources in public libraries.

In Interactive Experience Zone, theme activities, including Public Library Law, mobile-reading, National Library Open Course and Resource Retrieval Platform, were provided to audience in the form of augmented reality(AR) experience, virtual reality(VR) experience, human interaction experience and videos. AR can provide audience with abundant contents and better experiences. VR made people on the scene of traditional cultural activities, like Wenjin Classic Reading. Games and award-winning questions attracted people into better understanding of the Public Library Law. Intelligent booklist recommendation introduced personal booklists in accordance with audience`s interests and reading preference. WeChat photo-printing recorded the visiting memories for audience while the photo wall designed by Digital Library Promotion Project attracted a great number of audience.

Panels with rich content and multiple experience-activities reveal the lavish constructive achievements of the Digital Library Promotion Project in the aspects of web interconnection, unified identity system, resources co-construction and sharing, library-cloud-platform application, as well as service innovation.

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