Han Yongjin, Director of the NLC, meets with Namibian Ambassador to China

On 14 June, Han Yongjin, Director of the National Library of China (NLC), met with Elia George Kaiyamo, Namibian Ambassador to China, and his delegation. Sun Yigang, Deputy Director of the NLC, was also present.

Han Yongjin introduced basic information of the NLC and the founding of the “Silk Road International Library Alliance” to Ambassador Kaiyamo and his delegation. He said, “Silk Road International Library Alliance” is an open platform of exchanges and cooperation for international library community; we hoped that libraries in countries along the Silk Road could join the Alliance, in order to promote mutual development of librarianship and contribute to cultural exchange and cooperation in countries.

Ambassador Kaiyamo thanked the NLC for its warm reception. He said Namibia and China have long been maintained close cooperative relations; in the new era, Namibia and China should make efforts together to raise the bilateral relations to a new level. As one of the founders of the National Library of Namibia, Ambassador Kaiyamo had an extraordinary affection for library; he hoped that he could endeavor to facilitate the long-term cooperation between the two National Libraries.

After the meeting, Ambassador Kaiyamo and his delegation visited the National Museum of Classic Books.

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