The training class for new division directors of the NLC in 2018 has been successfully held

From 7th to 11th May, the new session of division director training class of the NLC in 2018 was held in Shanghai national-cultural cadre training center, with 28 new division directors participated. Han Yongjin, director of the NLC and secretary of the CPC Committee of the NLC, Shen Weixing, deputy secretary of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Film & TV, and Chenchao, director of Shanghai Library attended the opening ceremony and made speeches.

In the speech, Han Yongjin stressed we must be confident in our culture, reinforce our responsibility to create the new resplendence in the NLC. He indicated that the NLC with over 100-year-history was in its grand development epochs. To unify understandings about socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era proposed by Xi Jinping, engrave historical missions, firm cultural confidence, the fresh workers in the NLC would devote themselves to promote the development of the NLC and boost socialist cultural prosperity.

The theme of this training is to accomplish role-transition, and promote comprehensive management ability. Considering actual needs of division directors, the NLC devised the courses combining theory with practice. The NLC invited Wu Zhinan, member of National Public Cultural Services Construction Committee of Experts, to analyze new demands for library-development, in accordance with the spirit of 19th National Congress of CPC and modern public cultural service construction in new era. The NLC also invited Professor Mao Junquan, Shanghai Party Institute of CPC; and Liu Jianjun, founder of Dacheng think-tank, lectured separately on the leading methods and arts, from mainstays to management masters, to enhance the comprehensive management-qualities and abilities of the new directors. Meanwhile, aiming at cultural hot spots like creative-product development, the NLC also organized visits and exchanges with 3 representative enterprises like Da Yinjingshe, Motion Magic and Creatoo so as to make in-depth study on their creative researches and methods. In this training, the NLC also conducted interactive games like stress-management and wisdoms, as well as double-decoding, which help the new division directors alleviate stress and enhance their anti-pressure abilities.

The aim of this training is to improve the theoretical and political accumulation, and enhance the administrative and team-building abilities of division directors. With full initiatives and more efficient working-methods, the trained division directors expressed that they would not only apply the knowledge and their considerations in routine works, also better face the opportunities and challenges, so as to promote the flourishes of the NLC.

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