To implement the “Public Library Law”——The NLC provides operational guidance and technical support to Taiyuan Library for its information construction

Since 2014, the Taiyuan Library has started the renovation and expansion of its library building. The National Library of China (NLC) has been providing operational guidance and technical support for its information construction since then.

The Information Technology Department of the NLC undertook the design and writing of the whole program for its information construction. A program team was set up, which was composed of several technical backbones in various fields such as computer room, network, storage, application system and new media service, to collect data from all aspects and conduct in-depth study to obtain actual needs of its information construction through field research. After repeated discussions and revisions, a systematic and comprehensive information construction program was formulated. The program has passed the expert argumentation and become an important basis for the information construction of the new building of the Taiyuan Library.

In April this year, the information construction project of the Taiyuan Library (renovation and expansion of its library building) has passed the final check. Through the newly established information infrastructure, application system and new online service of digitization and network, the Taiyuan Library has greatly improved its information level.

The “Public Library Law”, implemented in 2018, has specified the function of the NLC as providing operational guidance and technical support to other libraries. Guided by the "Public Library Law", NLC will continue to play an active role in leading the development of the industry in the future.

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