The Symposium on Minguo Documents Preservation and Conservation is held in the NLC

On 29 March, the Symposium on Minguo Documents Preservation and Conservation was held in the National Library of China (NLC). The symposium was hosted by Chen Li, executive deputy director of the NLC. About 50 experts and scholars from provincial libraries, archives, university libraries and research institutions attended the symposium.

In the symposium, Ma Jing, director of Office of Minguo Documents Preservation Project of the NLC, introduced the implementation of Minguo Documents Preservation and Conservation Programme and work plan in 2018. She said, with the active participation of local libraries and the efforts of experts, Minguo Documents Preservation and Conservation Programme had achieved initial results since it was initiated in 2012. The preservation work mechanism was gradually established; general survey of documents was gradually carried out; overseas documents collection achieved remarkable results; documents collation and publication scale became clear; the special project for the study of Anti-Japanese War of the National Social Science Fund of China was approved, and the primordial preservation work was progressing steadily; the publicity and promotion effect was remarkable, and Minguo documents preservation atmosphere was becoming denser.

During the symposium, Zhou Deming, deputy director of Shanghai Library, Zhou Ning, consultant from the Second Historical Archives of China, Quan Qin, deputy director of Nanjing Library, Wang Ningyuan, deputy director of Chongqing Library, and Cai Yingchun, deputy director of Shanghai Normal University, made a speech successively. The attendees spoke out freely, discussed Survey Data Standards for Serial Publications in Minguo Period (draft) and Library Stacks Construction Standards for Minguo Documents (draft), and actively offered suggestions on Minguo documents preservation work, work mechanism establishment, and so on.

This symposium summarized the major progress and work experiences in recent years, further clarified Minguo documents preservation work ideas and priorities during the 13th Five-year Plan period, and promoted the smooth development of Minguo documents preservation work.

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