Li Honglin, NLC Deputy Director, visits the National Diet Library

From 14 November to 21 November, a delegation, led by Li Honglin, Deputy Director of the National Library of China (NLC) and Executive Deputy Director of the National Museum of Classic Books, visited the National Diet Library (NDL) for the 36th business exchange between the two libraries, which lasted for 8 days.

During the exchange, both sides delivered their keynote reports on the overall progress of the past year. In the following, both sides introduced their business work to each other, and held deep discussions, which focused on "The NDL Activity Performance Evaluation", "Research and Development of the NDL", "The 13th Five-Year Plan Outline of the NLC", "The NLC Science and Technology Innovation Services", and so on.

During the exchange, the delegation visited the NDL Tokyo Main Library, the NDL International Library of Children's Literature, Kansai-kan of the NDL, the National Archives of Japan, Tokyo National Museum, Nara University Library, and so on, focused on understanding library business training, document stacks construction and management, library logistics services, and so on, and exchanged with related institutions on co-holding cultural exhibitions, featured documents development, and so on.

It has been 36 years since the NLC and the NDL established business exchange cooperation relationship. Both libraries constantly strengthened mutual understanding, and the exchange contents were constantly deepened, which set a good example for international cooperation in the library community.

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