The NLC Audio-Visual Service Center is open officially

The Audio-Visual Service Center of the National Library of China (NLC) was officially opened on September 9, 2017, which was the 108th birthday of the NLC. Han Yongjin, NLC director, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech in the NLC Concert Hall. Han Yongjin and Wu Wenguang, a famous Guqin performance artist, jointly launched the NLC Audio-Visual Service Center. Chen Li, NLC executive deputy director, presided over the ceremony.

Han Yongjin expressed that art and people with artistic accomplishment were necessary for a great nation. The development of the public art education service was an important function and advantage of the NLC. The NLC will take establishment of Audio-Visual Service Center as an opportunity of collation and dissemination for Chinese and foreign excellent audio-visual cultural products. With the development of multicultural art popularization and education, the NLC will become the repository of acquiring knowledge, the art palace of cultivating sentiments and purifying soul, and life-long classroom of enhancing artistic accomplishment.

Among the NLC's vast resources, there are about 400,000 disks of physical audio-visual resources, 1.7 million pieces of digital audio resources, and more than 250,000 hours of digital visual resources. With music art as the theme, and Audio-Visual Space and the NLC Art Center as the position, the NLC Audio-Visual Service Center will carry out public art education popularization and promotion activities in manners of reading, audio-visual services, lectures, show, achieve one-stop service that combines online and offline services, physical and digital resources, and satisfy the public's increasing demands for audio-visual resources . Audio-Visual Space is available to the readers aged 13 and above all year round. The Audio-Visual Service Center also establishes a website (, which provides display and key recommendation for physical resources, self-built and outsourcing audio-visual databases, including Shidori special collections and vinyl records, Chinese and foreign language books, Chinese classic national instrumental albums and other featured resources.

To display and disseminate the NLC's featured resources construction achievements, the Audio-Visual Service Center also collects the video resources of National Library Open Course which reflects Chinese excellent traditional culture, and Chinese Memory oral history video resources. The audio-visual resources bear the art essence of Chinese and world culture. With the valuable documents, such as Qing Dynasty Dunhuang transcripts Jiu Ling Wu Pu (transliteration), Ming Dynasty Yue Lv Quan Shu (transliteration), Qing Dynasty Shengpingshu opera scripts, they constitute the resources repository for research and appreciation of excellent Chinese traditional culture and art.

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