The Xinhua News Agency donates micro documentary National Album series and publications to the NLC

On the morning of 1 September, the Xinhua News Agency donation ceremony of micro documentary National Album series and publications was held in the National Library of China (NLC). Bai Lin, Director of General Editorial Office, the Xinhua News Agency, donated the documents to the NLC on behalf of the Xinhua News Agency. Chen Li, Executive Deputy Director of the NLC, received the donation and issued donation certificate. Principals of General Editorial Office, the Xinhua News Agency, National Album, People's Publishing House, and the NLC related departments attended the ceremony.

The donated documents included 5 volumes of the Xinhua News Agency National Album, CDs of micro documentary National Album from Issue 1 to Issue 50. National Album was a visualized all-media product in the form of micro documentary produced by the Xinhua News Agency, Based on more than 10 million precious photos since 1892 collected from the Chinese Photo Archives, National Album focused on important events and splendid moments in Chinese modern and contemporary history and told the history of China in the past more than 100 years by applying 3D special effects, animation simulation, virtual studio, data visualization, and other technologies.

The NLC serves as the repository of the nation's publications, and fulfills the responsibility of domestic and foreign documents collection and preservation. Audio-visual resources are an important component of the NLC collections. The current audio-visual resources include about 400,000 disks of physical audio-visual resources, 1.1 million pieces of digital audio resources, and more than 150,000 hours of digital visual resources. In order to satisfy the people's increasing demand for audio-visual services, the NLC Audio-Visual Service Center will be open soon, which provides abundant resources, comfortable environment and various forms of audio-visual services for readers. At the same time, the NLC will go on strengthening the exchanges and cooperation with all sectors of society, and further improve service ability and level of audio-visual services.

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