Han Yongjin meets with Chief Librarian of Columbia University Libraries

On 17 July, Han Yongjin, Director of the National Library of China (NLC), met with Ann Thornton, Chief Librarian of Columbia University Libraries, and her delegation. Sun Yigang, Deputy Director of the NLC, was also present.

Han Yongjin showed welcome to the guests. He introduced the NLC's general situation to the guests, and hoped that both sides could keep close cooperation in the future. Ann Thornton expressed thanks for the NLC's warm reception. She said that although both libraries were different in scale, they faced with the same opportunities and challenges. She hoped that both sides could strengthen cooperation, and cope with the problems during library development in the future. Both sides discussed how to balance traditional document services and digital resources services, remote publications repository construction, and other issues.

After the meeting, the guests visited the National Museum of Classic Books and reading rooms in the NLC North Area.

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