The Exhibition of Chen Jieqi, Famous Expert on Epigraphy in Qing Dynasty is open in the NMCB

On 29 June, the Exhibition of Chen Jieqi, Famous Expert on Epigraphy in Qing Dynasty, which was co-sponsored by the National Library of China (National Museum of Classic Books) and Weifang Museum, was open in the National Museum of Classic Books (NMCB). The audience can acquaint with Chen Jieqi's unprecedented achievements on appreciation and collection, outstanding academic contributions, unique "Fu Zhai epigraph style" calligraphy and excellent rubbing techniques.

Epigraphy had thousands of years history since it was born in Song Dynasty. There were many celebrities on epigraphy with great amount of monographs. Among them, Chen Jieqi was considered as the most excellent expert on epigraphy since the 19th century. He was born in a scholarly family, and was influenced by culture since he was very young. He was a famous expert on epigraphy in Qing Dynasty who had the richest collections of bells, tripods and sacrificial vessels, and had outstanding academic achievements. Among his collections, there were many rarely seen treasures, such as the Duke Mao Tripod, Tian Wang Gui, Zeng Bo Fu, and so on. He carried forward epigraphy in manner of rubbings, textual research, monographs, and so on. He had outstanding achievements on epigraphy discrimination and study. His academic spirits influenced and promoted epigraphy development in late Qing Dynasty and Minguo period, and were highly appreciated by academia over hundreds of years. He made great achievements for carrying forward Chinese civilization, and his spirits of devoting himself to art and culture had enlightening significances.

The exhibition was co-sponsored by the NMCB and Weifang Museum. 135 items from Weifang Museum were exhibited, which consisted of three parts. The first part presented exquisite rubbings collected by Chen Jieqi; the second part displayed Chen Jieqi's calligraphy works in different styles of Zhuan, Li and Xing; the third part exhibited Chen Jieqi's published works, letters, manuscripts, and so on. In addition, the exhibition displayed a list of Chen Jieqi's collections and monographs, evaluations of various scholars, and so on, and the audience can learn about Chen Jieqi's lifetime intuitively. The exhibition will be ended on 28 August 2017.

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