The donation ceremony of Situ Qiao's home letter & the manuscript of Feng Yimei's After Disaster is held in the NLC

On the morning of 20 June, the donation ceremony of Situ Shuang's father Situ Qiao's home letter & the manuscript of Feng Yimei's After Disaster was held in the National Library of China (NLC). Sun Yigang, NLC deputy director, received the donation and awarded donation certificate to the donator. Situ Shuang and her family members, and principals of the NLC related departments attended the ceremony.

Situ Qiao (1902-1958), born in Kaiping, Guangdong Province, was Chinese modern famous realist painter. He acted as professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts since 1950, who was devoted himself to creating paintings that reflected the social reality and the sufferings of people. His early paintings Five Policemen and One Zero and In Front of Steamed Bun Restaurant were collected by Lu Xun. His representative works were Yi Min Tu (transliteration), Put down your whip, Three old Chinese laborers, and so on. Feng Yimei (1908-1976), born in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, was a painter and essayist, and got married to Situ Qiao in 1931.

The donated documents have high historical value and literature value, and will be collected in the NLC Celebrities' Manuscripts Stack for permanent preservation. Situ Qiao's home letter amounted to 10 pages, which was the painter's rarely seen text manuscript. In 1950, during the period of treatment in America, he wrote letter to his daughter Situ Yuan who studied in Hong Kong. He talked about his life experiences, his emotions and the cruelty of life in America, and hoped that every family member could make significant contributions to the new China. Another one was the manuscript of Feng Yimei's documentary literature After Disaster, which recorded Chinese social reality and sufferings of the people after war when surveying the disaster situation of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei and Henan with Situ Qiao.

The photocopies of Situ Qiao's representative works, such as Yi Min Tu (transliteration), Kong Shi Gui Ying Yu (transliteration), and so son, provided by Situ Shuang, were also presented in the ceremony. The attendees reviewed the art careers of Situ Qiao and his wife, and gave high evaluation on the couple's artistic creations and social activities.

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