Yang Xianzhen's manuscripts are collected by the NLC

On 9 June, the National Library of China (NLC) collected 126 titles of 126 volumes of Yang Xianzhen's manuscripts. Yan Xianzhen's descendants Yang Lijun, Yang Lu and Yang Lihong donated the manuscripts to the NLC. Han Yongjin, NLC director, received the donation and awarded donation certificate. Zhou Heping, NLC honorary director, attended the ceremony.

Yang Xianzhen (1896-1992), whose former name was Yang Kuiting, was from Yun County, Hubei Province. He was modern Chinese Marxist philosopher, theoretician and educator, who made unremitting efforts to study, defend and promote Marxism, had deep insights and made outstanding contributions in the areas of philosophy, economics, Party member education, and so on. His monographs were On the Social Nature of Anti-Japanese Base Area in the Enemy Rear, What is Materialism, On Party Spirit, My Philosophical "Crime", and so on.

The donated manuscripts included drafts and reading notes on studying Marxist philosophy, lecture notes and materials on teaching in Party school. Among them, there were many valuable drafts which had never been published. These valuable documents reflected the author's dialectical materialism philosophy system and the communism belief of sticking to the truth and seeking truth from facts, also reflected the author's bumpy fate and the tortuous development of contemporary Chinese philosophy, and had historical value and the literature value. The donated manuscripts would be collected in the NLC Celebrities' Manuscripts Stack for permanent preservation.

The NLC Celebrities' Manuscripts Stack was founded in 1954 officially. With the support of all walks of life, it has collected manuscripts of many celebrities, such as Marx, Engels, Zhan Tianyou, Liang Qichao, Wang Guowei, Hu Shi, Mao Dun, Ba Jin, Wen Yiduo, and so on. The NLC will continue to collect, protect and research on various manuscripts of celebrities from all walks of life, and further explore the manuscripts' intrinsic values, which will play positive roles for protecting and inheriting Chinese civilization.

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