A special visit of the Exhibition of Shakespeare to Sherlock: Treasures of the British Library for media is held, receiving good response of the media

On 18 April, the National Library of China (NLC) held a special visit of the Exhibition of Shakespeare to Sherlock: Treasures of the British Library for media, inviting journalists from more than 60 media home and abroad to visit the exhibition. Jamie Andrews, director of Culture and Education Department of the British Library, exhibition planner Alex Ault, the NLC exhibition planner and literature experts led the journalists to visit the exhibition, and introduced the exhibition and exhibits in details. Journalists and professional audience spoke highly of the exhibition.

The manuscripts of British literature classic masterpieces and early valuable printed books are displayed in China for the first time. The exhibition displays manuscripts and early printed books of British writers, covering poetry, theatre and novel. The NLC's collections are displayed at the same time, including famous Chinese translations, adaptations, book reviews, manuscripts, and so on, which presents the spread and influence of British classic culture in China. After being introduced to China, British literature classic masterpieces were added new connotations and endowed with new significances after translation and adaptation, which nourished generations of Chinese readers.

This exhibition was pre-exhibited from 18 April to 20 April. News media home and abroad, experts and scholars from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Beijing Foreign Studies University, and representatives of Britain's enterprises in China, got special tours in these days. This exhibition will be exhibited from 21 April to 21 June in the No.1 Exhibition Hall of the National Museum of Classic Books.

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